WP Elevation Course Review (Troy Dean)

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WP Elevation

WP Elevation Course Review

Description:  WP Elevation is an online course designed to teach anyone how they can change greatly expand their services and begin charging all their clients 3 to 4 times their average rate.  This course assumes all students have previous Word Press experience and have the full capability to set up a working website.  This course is meant to show how a basic understanding of WordPress can allow you to build processes and procedures which will allow you to charge a premium for your consulting services.  This course shows you multiple tricks to update your current sites, automating lead generation, use referrals as your main revenue source, and finally figuring out how to only attract profitable clients.  WP Elevation is broken up into the following 7 Modules.
Module 1: The Pre-Flight Check
This module explains how to create your own portfolio of the work you have previously done for other websites.  If you do not have the experience or client history to document several reliable characteristics of top consultants, this course will show you how to gain the necessary experience and present it in the correct way to current and potential clients in order to make the best business decisions possible.  The goal is to eventually only work with several extremely high paying clients.
Module 2: Incoming
This module explains how to begin contacting new customers.  This includes building funnels, using referrals and the correct psychological techniques to convince customers to give you their business.  This course shows you how to market your self as a high-end consultant and service, and what you need to offer to prove that you are as good as it gets.
Module 3: Positioning
This module explains how to present your services to potential clients.  Instead of offering a service you need to show how you can offer a solution to their current problems.  The tricky part of this is that many times your potential clients do not know what problems they are facing, and you will have to identify them and clearly explain how you can solve these problems.
Module 4: Anti-Follow Up
This module explains how to perfect your pitch and respond to any questions or concerns your customers may have.  This module also includes multiple email templates and funnels for lead generation.
Module 5: Delivery
Delivery is by far the most comprehensive module in the course.  This module breaks down how to onboard customers, set realistic expectations, and offer a variety of services for your client to choose from.  Troy explains how you should never offer all of your services up front and instead start small and slowly upsell for the greatest value. 
Module 6: Referral Machine 
This module explains how to properly sequence and collect positive customer reviews in order to position yourself as an authority.  Many consultants and businesses spend over half of their budget just trying to qualify leads.  By following this method exaclty you will be able to competely live off of referrals and never worry about finding clients again.
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