Visual Impact Muscle Building Course Review (Rusty Moore)

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Do you feel that one part of your body is disproportionately stronger than the other?  Do you want to add muscle without getting too big for your clothes and having to get an entirely new wardrobe?  Are you trying to come back from an injury but working out just is not the same as it used to be? If you answered yes to any of these questions Visual Impact Muscle Building may be a great fit for you.  Visual Impact Muscle Building was developed by personal trainer and former Rusty Moore.  Moore developed this program because his lower body had become so massive he could no longer find dress pants that fit him.  He started working out because he wanted to have the physique of a model, not a bodybuilder.  Rusty noticed that some of his muscle groups were much more developed than others, so he decided to make a training program to redistribute his muscle and strength in order for him to look and feel better.


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Pros and cons



  • Digital and Printable workouts which allow you to track your progress anywhere you go
  • Complete walkthrough on  Sarcoplasmic and Myofibrillar training, and how to use both to ensure you get the right combination of bulk and tone you want
  • Includes video and picture demonstration of every exercise talked about to ensure proper form is used by every single student
  • Premade workouts for you to follow as well as an instruction guide on how to create your own workout
  • Details how more reps at a lighter weight actually add more bulk than less reps at a higher rate



Does Not Include

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Course Modules

Visual Impact Muscle Building is broken up into three main sections (Muscle Building, Exercise Demonstrations, and Printable Workout charts.) These three sections break down exactly how different exercises will affect your body, and how to leverage this in order to get specific detailed results.  Rusty explains that one of the biggest mistakes about working out is that people do not have defined goals.  It is impossible to follow any map without having a set end destination.   Before you begin your new workout out regiment it is imperative that you clearly define your goals for where you want to end up.  Before you pick up a single weight Rusty breaks down the common myths of body composition and details the specific training methods you should be focusing on: Sarcoplasmic and Myofibrillar training.  Sarcoplasmic training is common in many bodybuilders with massive muscles. Bodybuilders who use Sarcoplasmic training typically have big rounded muscles which may even appear fluffy.  This is the type of training Rusty used before he started to use the principles detailed in Visual Impact Muscle Building Course Review.  Rusty found the using myofibrillar training gave the “ripped” appearance without drastically changing sizes.  Myofibrillar training aims to increase muscle density and plasticity without rapidly changing sizes.  Throughout the entire training, Rusty details how to leverage both of these methods in order to get to the exact size, shape, and tone you want.

  1. Concentrating on “The Big 3”
  2. The 2 Main Types of Muscle Growth
  3. “Cumulative Fatigue”
  4. A High Volume of Sets and Reps
  5. Hybrid Muscle Building
  6. How Much Muscle Can You Gain?
  7. Eating for Muscle Gains
  8. Only Proven Muscle Building Supplement
  9. Setting Up Your Workout Routine
  10. Phase 1 – Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy
  11. Phase 2 – Increase Muscle and Density
  12. Phase 3 – Max Density and Definition
  13. Bonus Phase – Shrink Wrap Your Muscles
  14. Building Mass on Upper Body Only



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About the Creator

Rusty Moore used to work at a suit store and moonlighted as a personal trainer.  Rusty had started to become a bit of a meathead and realized that hardly any of the clothes in the entire store would fit him.  Rusty remembered he originally started weight training because he wanted to look ripped.  While he had definitely added a lot of muscle and was much stronger, he had ballooned in size.  Rusty began looking for ways to cut down on his size while still being able to add strength and increased muscle density.  This led Rusty to begin researching myofibrillar training.  After completely transforming Rusty began training runway models who wanted to increase tone without adding any bulk.  After watching his routines succeed time and time again Rusty decided to make a course so his research and methods could be available to people all over the world who may not be able to afford an actual personal trainer.



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