Visual Impact For Women Course Review (Rusty Moore)

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Visual Impact for Women



Are you afraid that weight training will cause you to bulk up too much?  Do you love going to the gym but force yourself to run because you are afraid of adding too much muscle?  If this describes you, or you are just looking for a world-class affordable training program Visual Impact For Women may be for you.  Visual Impact For Women was created by certified personal trainer Rusty Moore.  After putting on so much weight that he could not it into his jeans Rusty knew he had to slim down, but did not want to lose any of his strength.  Rusty started a blog called the Fitness Black Book.  His blog currently receives over three million visitors a year as people became fascinated with how a huge meathead slimmed down to a model body or “The Hollywood Look”.  After gaining some exposure in the fitness community Rusty began to train runway models on how to build muscle and tone without bulking up.  After getting so many clients that he began having to turn people away Rusty decided to create the Visual Impact For Women Course so everyone could train, look, and feel like a model.


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Pros and cons



  • Specific Achievable Program anyone can follow to lose weight and tone their body in 12 weeks
  • A detailed list of explanations of common exercises that get you nowhere.
  • A detailed study of how dieting works, and how to get the greatest results without cutting out your favorite foods.
  • Step by step guide on how to complete the course from home if you do not have time to go to the gym
  • Detailed exercise manual which shows the proper form for every single exercise
  • Primary focus on training and a secondary focus on diet



Does Not Include

  • None Reported



The Main Visual Impact for Women E-Book

Rusty calls this the first comprehensive course created completely for women who want to have a slim, toned and feminine physique. It covers just what he says works and what doesn’t work when it comes to exercising and your diet for toning up and slimming down your body.

The Fat Torching Cardio E-Book

This is a 12 week progressive cardio program to help you burn as much body fat as you want. The routines in this program have a special methodology for anyone to increase natural fat burning hormones and access stored body fat.

A Detailed Exercise Demonstration Manual

This 229 page e-book has clickable navigation so it’s easy to scan through the huge variety of different exercises in the Visual Impact For Women Course. The Visual Impact for Women e-book reviewed why it’s so important to change up the way you train regularly for best results, and this is a good resource for checking that you are performing exercises correctly.

Printable Workout Charts for Every Workout Routine

Each of the Visual Impact for Women workout routines is listed on a print friendly page.



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About the Creator

Rusty Moore used to work at a suit store and moonlighted as a personal trainer.  Rusty had started to become a bit of a meathead and realized that hardly any of the clothes in the entire store would fit him.  Rusty remembered he originally started weight training because he wanted to look ripped.  While he had definitely added a lot of muscle and was much stronger, he had ballooned in size.  Rusty began looking for ways to cut down on his size while still being able to add strength and increased muscle density.  This led Rusty to begin researching myofibrillar training.  After completely transforming Rusty began training runway models who wanted to increase tone without adding any bulk.  After watching his routines succeed time and time again Rusty decided to make a course so his research and methods could be available to people all over the world who may not be able to afford an actual personal trainer.


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