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Visual Impact Cardio




Visual Impact Cardio is one of the most progressive cardio training programs on the market.  Visual impact Cardio was created by expert fitness coach and personal trainer Rusty Moore.  Unlike most cardio courses and fitness programs on the market, Rusty explains how high-intensity interval training does not increase fat loss, and is actually a major hindrance to people trying to lose body fat.  Rusty designed this course for people looking to drop the last 10-20 pounds.  Rusty uses a combination of cardio and diet changes in order to help you sculpt “The Hollywood Look”.  Rusty Rusty’s findings are not in line with the mainstream of the fitness community, so he has provided lots of his research and case studies in addition to the actual workouts.  This way you get to learn and understand about the science behind the course.  To understand all the chemical reactions Rusty talks about you may have to reread a few sections.  However, the training itself is incredibly straightforward. Rusty provides detailed workout plans and makes sure to add variety so you do not get bored.   Depending on how strictly you follow your diet you may need to repeat the course for an additional 8 weeks depending on your starting weight and goals.


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Pros and cons



  • 92 Page detailed instruction manual on the art and science of losing body fat
  • Complete 8-week program designed to help you lose the last 10-20 poundsStep by step guide on how to complete the course from home if you do not have time to go to the gym
  • A detailed study providing in-depth explanations on how interval training is not the optimal way to lose body fat
  • Multiple formulas to calculate calories burned during cardio, resistance, weight training, and high-intensity interval training
  • How to use cardio machines to train with precision, and make sure you do not overwork yourself.
  • How to diet while simultaneously increasing your metabolism – WITH NO DRUGS



Does Not Include

  • Overly Scientific 



Introduction: Losing Body Fat as a “Skill”

Once you have mastered the skill of losing body fat, getting lean will never be a problem again. Routines are nice…fat loss mastery is better.

Chapter 1: Calories Burned After Exercise Don’t Amount to Much

I critique 2 studies quoted most often in favor of brief intense exercise: The Tremblay Study and Tabata Study. A 3rd study examines how little calories we actually burn after an intense exercise session.

Chapter 2: Focus on Calories Burned During the Workout

Since the afterburn effect (EPOC) is less than what we have been led to believe, the calories burned during the workout is what matters most.

Chapter 3: Calories Burned: Intervals Vs Steady State

How to figure out how many calories intervals burn compared to steady state cardio. Using the concept of “Average Intensity Level” to increase or decrease the amount of total calories burned during interval training.

Chapter 4: A 1 Page Interval Training Summary

Like “lecture notes” or “cliff notes” from my detailed chapter 5 teachings. The stuff covered here will be on the test…so no skimming 🙂

Chapter 5: How Interval Training Actually Works

A detailed explanation of how interval training works. Why it makes sense to use a mix of intervals along with steady state cardio for the fastest results.

Chapter 6: Calorie Deficit, Calories Burned, & Fat Loss

A prolonged calorie deficit always leads to weight loss, but that weight can come from muscle glycogen, body fat, or muscle tissue. How to ensure a portion of that weight loss comes from body fat.

Chapter 7: Burning Stubborn Body Fat

Stubborn body fat is more sensitive to insulin, less sensitive to adrenaline, and has poor blood flow compared to normal body fat. Why diet alone makes it near impossible to lose this body fat.

Chapter 8: Calories, Food, and Workout Timing

How to structure your meals and workouts to maximize fat loss. How tracking calories per week, is more effective than tracking calories per day for consistent ongoing fat loss.

Chapter 9: Improving Popular Fat Loss Programs

Examining Kettlebells, Zumba, Crossfit, P90X and similar programs when it comes to fat loss. How to make these popular workouts even more effective at burning body fat.

Chapter 10: Separating Fat Loss & Resistance Training

When you only train in the high rep, low rest periods necessary for fat loss…you will never maximize the full potential of your muscles.

Chapter 11: Visual Impact Cardio Preparation

What can’t be measured can’t be improved. Crucial numbers we will be tracking throughout all of the fat loss programs.

Chapter 12: The Beginner’s Cycle

This 8 week cardio cycle is for pure beginners or for those who haven’t trained for a while. This one is meant to get people ready for the next cycle.

Chapter 13: The Intermediate Cycle

This is the 8 week progressive cardio cycle that is the core program of the course. Most people will get as lean as they want using this cycle.

Chapter 14: The Advanced Cycle

This 8 week cycle is just for those who want to push the limits of intensity. It can be used for someone who wants to be “event ready”.

Chapter 15: The Maintenance

Now that you are in shape, here is what to do to stay that way, without living in the gym. A realistic approach to staying lean year-round.

Chapter 16: Final Thoughts

Some suggestions on how to tweak these routines, scientific references, and all the various links to my other courses, blog, Facebook page, etc.



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About the Creator

Several years ago Rusty Moore started a blog called the Fitness Black Book.  His blog currently receives over three million visitors a year as people became fascinated with how a huge meathead slimmed down to a model body or “The Hollywood Look”.  After gaining some exposure in the fitness community Rusty began to train runway models on how to build muscle and tone without bulking up.  After getting so many clients that he began having to turn people away Rusty decided to create the Visual Impact For Women Course so everyone could train, look, and feel like a model.

Rusty Moore used to work at a suit store and moonlighted as a personal trainer. Because he was spending so much time as the gym Rusty had started to become a bit of a meathead and realized that hardly any of the clothes in the entire store would fit him.  Rusty remembered he originally started weight training because he wanted to look ripped.  While he had definitely added a lot of muscle and was much stronger, he had ballooned in size.  Rusty began looking for ways to cut down on his size while still being able to add strength and increased muscle density.  This led Rusty to begin researching myofibrillar training.  After completely transforming Rusty began training runway models who wanted to increase tone without adding any bulk.  After watching his routines succeed time and time again Rusty decided to make a course so his research and methods could be available to people all over the world who may not be able to afford an actual personal trainer.




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