VIP Dropshipping Academy Course Review (Chris Maresca)

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VIP Dropshipping Academy Overview

We’ve proudly served over 250 clients after our second year of the “Lords of Dropshipping” Course! Throughout this professional training , we’ll cover how to build a lucrative dropshipping store through our expert tips and guidance. As my first online business, I immediately fell in love with the dropshipping business model; I loved its simplistic yet profitable characteristic, leading me to success just a couple weeks after launching my very first store.

Complete Guidance

The secrets within the “Lords of Dropshipping” Course have been time tested and proven to drive results. Only people with access to Chris’ methods are himself, his team and of course; his students. Since the first release of the mentorship, it’s been refined and updated with new and valuable content every month. After servicing nearly 250 worldwide students, Chris decided he wanted to continue to help them achieve their goals at a fraction of the time. This desire led to his creation of the Shopify Mastermind, a premium group chat filled with Chris, his team and his loyal students. Results aren’t guaranteed and unfortunately, because this is a digital product, no returns are accepted on either the payment plan or the full payment.

In the “Lords of Dropshipping” Course! , you’ll have complete access to my EXACT blueprint on how I create each and every one of my stores. Each section also includes an “Action Step,” keeping you on task and working towards your goals each and every day.

Your Instructor

Chris Maresca is a 17 year old serial entrepreneur. He’s founder and CEO of four major companies and the creator of dozens of successful dropshipping stores. Chris first began my business journey (besides dropshipping) at only 16 years old, when he launched his very own social media marketing agency (Maresca Marketing). Since then, he’s been committed to business and continuous personal growth/development. Chris has read over 50 self improvement/business books, often rereading some of his favorites multiple times. Chris credits his success to two factors: passion and hard work. He often went to high school with less than four hours of sleep, constantly pushing himself and his body to its limits. When asked what keeps him going, Chris always replies with the same answer: Passion. In his summer after sophomore year, Chris got less than 4 hours of sleep per night, often going to sleep at 5:00 AM and waking up at 9:00 AM (Don’t recommend this for your health). Throughout his 20 hours of being awake, Chris worked on business for nearly 15 per day, spending the other 5 either working out or hanging out with family and friends. Although he constantly doubted whether his hard work would pay off or not, Chris forced into his mind that failure wasn’t an option. This thought, along with his passion and hard work, ultimately led to Chris’ success in business.

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