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Unlock Your Hip Flexors


Most dieting & exercise programs explain how people can look and feel better by changing the food they put into their body, or by rapidly increasing exercise.  Unlock Your Hip Flexors does neither.  Throughout this course, Kinseologist Rick Kaselji, demonstrates how tight hip flexors, (or psoas) can lead to weight gain, fatigue, and overcompensation from other muscles.  This course demonstrates how tight and strained psoas lead to neck, knee, lower back, and hip injuries.
In order to correct most hip flexor injuries, the majority of doctors and trainers will prescribe stretching routines in order to rejuvenate the muscle.  However, after observing this strategy for years Rick realized this was only a half measure.  This is why Rick created the “Sequential Flow Method”.    The sequential Flow Method is a series of functional movements and self directed manipulations designed to loosen up your hip flexors, break up scar tissue, and eliminate many common types of pain.  After completing the course many people notice increased fat loss, better sexual performance, improved posture, and increased strength.
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What Are Hip Flexors?


Hip flexors are a group of several muscles that run on the length of the legs.  These muscles are instrumental in leg, knee, and hip movement as well as twisting and turning the torso.  While Hip Flexors are usually a forgotten muscle when it comes to training, they are one of the few muscles that can injure practically every part of your body if you do not take care of them properly.  If the psoas become imbalanced it can lead to a host of problems including:

  1. Rotated Hips and Leg Length Imbalance: If your psoas become too tight they can pull on your pelvis so your hips rotate forward.  The tighter psoa will then cause an internal rotation on the affected leg.  In turn, this will cause your opposite leg to have an external rotation.  This will cause the illusion that one leg is actually longer than the other.  This can cause muscle fatigue lower back pain, and severely disrupt otherwise healthy posture
  2. Knee Pain:  Because your psoas basically run the length of your entire leg strained or tightened psoas can cause external torque on your patella.  Tight psoas to not allow the femur to rotate completely in the hip and therefore put undue strain on the knee.
  3. Postural Problems:  Tight Psoas can throw off your posture in several different ways.  Tightened psoas are naturally shorter, and can pull the hips out of alignment.  This is called an anterior pelvic tilt  which causes your posterior to stick out more and gives the appearance of lower belly fat.  Alternatively, if your psoas become overstretched from the same several exercises you trainer tells you to perform over and over again you can flatten out the natural curvature of your spine which can cause disc problems and will most likely lead to arthritis at a young age.     
  4. Difficulty Breathing: Extremely Tight Psoas can cause difficulty breathing for some people.  The problem is most people do not realize this is even happening.  The psoas run all the way up to the rib cage and can pull on the chest cavity if they are too tight.  This can cause an “out of breath” feeling when you are exercising much faster than your cardiovascular health would normally suggest


How Does Unlock Your Hip Flexors Solve This Problem?

You could easily Google dozens of hip flexor stretches, which would most likely be able to provide you with at least some temporary relief. There are also special cushions and seats designed to help mitigate the symptoms of tight hip flexors.  However, after examining patients for year Rick realized these solutions only offered temporary relief.  Because many people have had tight hip flexors for years there is a build up of scar tissue and decrease the mobility of the hip joint.  The Sequential Flow Method is designed to break down scar tissue, increase flexibility, and finally increase strength in order to make sure your hip flexors improve their condition and stay healthy and active.  


#1 The exercises only take 10-15 minutes a day.  Think of them as a dynamic warm up.  The course does not require you to do anything life changing in order to greatly increase your functional movement and get lasting relief

#2 Unlock Your Hip Flexors is extremely inexpensive. The program only costs $10 and no special equipment or gym membership is required.  

#3 Rick is a reputable trainer.  Rick has lots of personal reviews as a Kinesiologist, and this course is a culmination of years of working with people who have hip flexor problems.



#1 There is really only one con to Unlock Your Hip Flexors.  After purchasing the course there are several upsells with additional exercises.  You do not need these additional programs to realign your hip flexors, but it is annoying that you do not get all the information at one point in time.



Unlock Your Hip Flexors is an extremely low-risk investment for a potentially massive payoff.  Even you do not regularly exercise this program is a great way to make one of your most foundational muscle groups is regulated and not wreaking havoc on the rest of your body. 

Most people tend to be able to tell small differences within one week of starting the course.  Rick claims that everyone should see drastically increased hip mobility be week three.

For people who sit in an office all day this program offers the ability to mitigate much of the damage sitting for 8+ hours, a day can cause. For only 10-15 minutes a day, this program offers easy actionable advice to improve your joint pain and lifestyle. 

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