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Ugurus Online Business Training Course  $197

Do you operate in the online marketing world?  Are you a freelancer, entrepreneur, or internet marketer?  If so Ugurus course could triple your profit within the next thirty days.  Ugurus was developed by Brent Weaver to help freelancers and entrepreneurs become more profitable for their services.  Brent saw many of his friends and colleagues struggling to raise their rates with clients, and spending the majority of their time trying to qualify and convert potential leads instead of creating content they were passionate about.  Brent’s course takes an in-depth look at how to analyze a company, and determine the problems they are facing before you spend time trying to get in touch with them, creating a proposal, and then pitching the proposal to see if they’ll take a chance on you.  Ugurus has grown exponentially over the last 6 years, partly because brent continues to add cutting-edge content to the course to ensure his students are kept up to date.




Fixed: $197

Pricing model: One-time payment

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Recommended Startup Money: $500

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  • Learn how to charge more for your services without changing your end product or service
  • Step by step email and cold call strategy to acquire new clients
  • Learn how to spot common types of businesses regardless of the sector they operate in
  • Learn how to anticipate problems your clients have without having to ask them
  • Private strategy to get repeat customers instead of having to spend time acquiring new customers



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Smar7 Facebook Domination Course Overview


Brent begins by going over the step-by-step model he has used to build and scale his own projects. After this Brent’s walks you through the psychological keys behind the interaction model’s sales strategy.  This model has been proven time and time again by the vast majority of students who have taken the course.

Cold Calling

When creating his businesses Brent leaves no stone unturned.  He explains that he once had to make cold calls when first starting out.  While this can be frustrating and demoralizing to many marketers, freelancers, interns, and entrepreneurs Brent found several unique ways to maximize his time cold calling.  Brent developed a method for cold calling that can teach when to call, what to say, how to say it, and how to close no matter what you are selling.  Unlearn everything you know about this high-stress topic. In this module, you’ll learn how to handle that first call with a new client.


Ever heard of the 80/20 Rule?  Brent explains how you need to develop the criteria of your perfect customer and make sure you only go after those types of customers. Instead of chasing every new opportunity, learn how to turn the tables and start sizing up potential clients against your ideal customer profile.


Have you ever heard the phrase “It’s not what you say but how you say it?”  In this module, Brent shows you exactly how to present problems and solutions you can fix to potential clients.  You need to move beyond the customer’s stated needs and start digging into their business to find the real problems that make hiring you an urgent priority.


This module is all about adapting Brent’s proven problem-solving method to any problem.  Brent walks you through several case studies on how to apply his principles to any situation and shows how unique solutions will make you extremely desirable to everyone you present to.  Learn how to build huge value and demand for your services by speaking directly to the customer’s greatest problems.


Learn why proposals are less important than everyone thinks, and how you can successfully use a proposal to win more projects.

Work Plan

This module is all about taking the first step with your first client.  Learn how to kick off a project from a sale and lead your customers through the buying process.  How you handle your customers through this process is extremely important as it will determine whether or not they become repeat customers.  The goal of Brent’s course is to get repeating, high paying customers who trust you to do your job without micromanaging.  Following Brent’s course successfully will eliminate the need for you to acquire new clients after implementing of his strategies.


Find out how the interaction model removes any need for sleazy closing techniques when it comes time for your prospect to sign on the dotted line.

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Brent has created a private community for all his students.  This open forum is an absolutely incredible place for online marketers and entrepreneurs to network and shares their successes and failures. While Brent’s course will teach you everything you need to know about the methodology of becoming more profitable this community is invaluable because it constantly current industry trends

About the Creator


Brent Weaver has been building websites for the last 15 years.  While living in Denver Brent developed an online agency called HotPress, which became the top freelancer website in Denver at the time.  Brent has also freelanced for several Fortune 500 companies as a marketing consultant and lead generation expert.  In 2012 Brent decided to found Ugurus, which was founded to help underpaid webs designers and online marketers to become more profitable so they could remain self-employed.


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