The Truth About Six Pack Abs Course Review (Mike Geary)

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Truth About Abs


“The Truth about Six Pack Abs”  is the #1 Selling Diet and Fitness book in history and has sold over 500,000 copies worldwide.  This program is not just a core workout.  Is a a guide book that explains how to build the perfect physique.  Getting six pack abs is just part of the program.  The problem with most “Six Pack Abs” courses is that the only focus on abdominal workouts. In order to get an actual six pack, you need to make sure the rest of your body is keeping pace with your core.

Throughout the course author,  Mike Geary explains in great detail how the reason most people do not have six pack abs is not because they are doing the wrong exercises.  The three most common reasons people are unable to get six pack abs is because they are overworking their core, not adhering to the correct nutrition plan, or not performing enough cardiovascular exercises.

“The Truth About Six Pack Abs” was developed by personal trainer Mike Geary, in an attempt to clear up many of the misconceptions in the fitness and dieting communities.  Throughout this e-book, Mike explains how Six Pack Abs requires the right combination of diet and exercise, not a special supplement or piece of equipment.  This book does not require any special supplements or work out equipment, and instead focuses on small actionable steps you can take in order to burn belly fat and get the six pack abs you have always wanted.


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  • Pricing model: One-time payment
  • Free Trial: 21 days
  • Refund Policy: 21 days to claim a full refund

What Is Included In The Course?

The Truth About Abs is delivered in e-book format, so as soon as you purchase the course it is immediately available for download.  At the time of this review, you can have a physical copy delivered to you for an additional $10 payment.  While some people want the physical copy this course is easy to upload to your phone and take to the gym.

This course is a lot more than just exercises.  Before introducing you to the program Mike explains the anatomy of your abdominal muscles, and how they work together to allow basically every movement you perform.  You can read more about the anatomy of your abdominal muscles here.  Mike believes that explaining the rationale for the program will make students more likely to comply.  If you are interested in learning more about how the abdominal muscles function you will really enjoy this section.  If you just want to get to the exercises, this “added bonus” does not bring much value.

After explaining the abdominal functions Mike explains how you will most likely need to lower your body fat percentage in order to make your abs visible.  In many cases, some people actually have formed abdominal muscles, but body fat covers them.  Mike explains how to properly calculate your Body Fat Percentages and Lean muscle mass to get a relatively close idea of how much body fat you need to drop in order to make your abdominal muscles visible.


Is Everything In The Course Accurate?

As an extra bonus in the course, Mike includes a list of foods that will help to “burn” body fat.  This claim is controversial with many nutritionists because the body expends energy whenever it digests food.  The idea that some foods will actually “burn fat” is a bit of an exaggeration.  You can read more about this debate here.


Pros and cons


  • Many “Healthy” foods that secretly add belly fat
  • 7 “Unhealthy” Fat rich foods which can actually help you cut down on belly fat
  • All Methods Scientifically tested and FDA approved
  • Step by Step process to understand Science and Anatomy of the human body
  • Exercise regimens that show you how to safely exercise your entire body, not just abdominal exercises.
  • Money Back Guarantee for 21 Days


  • The Course is delivered in e-book format.  There is no video guide for any of the exercises. Or physical copy you can page through and take notes in


The Truth About Six Pack Abs E-book Sections 

  1. Introduction
  2. Relative Leanness or Bodyfat % 
  3. Safe and Effective Abdominal Development 
  4. Lean Body Mass and Metabolic Rate   
  5. The Metabolic Effects of Training 
  6. Free Weights Vs. Machines 
  7. The Problem with Cardio, and My Solution 
  8. Frequency and Duration of Training Sessions 
  9. Putting it All together into an effective Training Routine 
  10. The Overwhelming Importance of Your Diet
  11. Additional Lean Body Tips 
  12. Frequently Asked Questions Concerning abs and Body Fat 
  13. Final Thoughts 


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About the Creator

Mike Geary worked a 9-5 office job for 10 years and felt that something was missing.  When told by one of his mentors to go work in a field he was passionate about he decided to quit his job and become a personal trainer.  While working as a personal trainer Mike realized that most people were extremely uneducated about exercise and nutrition, and believed supplements and pills would be able to cover inadequacies.  Mike then decided to write a short book called “The Truth About Abs”.  This short book was intended to provide clarity for people who wanted to lose belly fat and live a healthier lifestyle.  After almost 10 years and 500,000 copies sold Mike has done just that.



The Truth About Abs absolutely gives great practical advice on how to properly condition your abdominal muscles in order to get a visible “six pack.”  For those who are interested in learning more about human anatomy Mike also provides a plethora of information on the anatomy of abdominal muscles and how they function.  For customers who just want the exercises, this section is largely a waste a time and does not provide much value.  However, if you want to learn and understand why you are specific exercises in a certain order you will get a lot out of Mike’s intro to the course.

When it comes to exercise courses many people prefer to watch videos so they know the proper form, motion, and speed when replicating exercises.  Although mike provides good explanations of how to perform every exercise, you may need to look up videos for some of the exercises.  If you are looking to get a six pack and are ready to commit to a program The Truth About Abs will work.  Mike has sold this program to over 500,000 cutomers and has been endorsed by dozens of doctors, trainers, and elite athletes.  The course also has a full 21 day refund policy so if you are unsatisified you can always return the course and get your money back no questions asked.


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