Total Immersion Swimming Course Review (Terry Laughlin)

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Total Immersion

Total Immersion Swimming Course Review

Description:  Swimming is one of the best exercises for your body on the planet.  It is one of the only exercises on the planet that builds strength, cardiovascular endurance, and does not cause major jarring on the joints.  Unfortunately, many people do not like swimming because they find it to be exceptionally difficult and inconvenient.  This is because most people have never been taught the proper swimming form.  Many people say swimming is an endurance game, but they are wrong.  Swimming is a game of skill, and it can be learned and perfected by a person at any fitness level.  This course was created by Terry Laughlin, who teaches his own customized swimming course designed to reduce injuries, energy spent, and improve endurance in the pool.  Terry’s course has educated over 25,000 swimmers and continues to be one of the top swimming tutorials available today.  This course is available in video and ebook form so you can take it with you everywhere you go, including the pool.
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