The Ultimate Amazon Seller Course Review (Phillip A. Covington)

The Ultimate Amazon Seller Course

The Ultimate Amazon Seller Course  $497


The Ultimate Amazon Seller Course is not a get rich quick scheme.  It is also not your typical Amazon training course.    This course is for people who are serious about creating a reliable source of income through hard work and determination. That is why the product research does not even begin until the third module.  In this course, Phil Covington takes you through every specific aspect of creating a profitable e-commerce business. This course places an emphasis on the legal and tax aspects of running an Amazon store to make sure you do not wind up wasting thousands of dollars once you become successful.

This course is a guide that can take anyone with basic computer skills into a knowledgeable Amazon Seller.  The Ultimate Amazon Seller Course is comprehensive in setting up your business.  Unlike most courses The Ultimate Amazon Seller Course will take you through how to legally and effectively set up your business so you can sale your Amazon store into a longterm asset.  This course also teaches students how to sell in other channels outside of Amazon.  This course also gives you a mentor for life. Course creator Phil Covington personally answers any and all questions you may have about setting up your business.



Packages Vary: $497-2497

Pricing model: One-time payment

Free Trial: None Available

Refund Policy: None

Recommended Startup Money: $1,000

Pros and cons



  • Continually updated to provide current information
  • Lifetime access to the course and all updates
  • Hot Product suggestions and done for you Research available for an additional charge
  • Personal Lifetime Mentorship from creator Phil Covington
  • Instruction on how to set up your LLC and avoid fees
  • How to quickly validate product ideas without wasting time or money
  • How to diversify sales channels and sell outside of Amazon
  • How to use consumer sales psychology to increase sales



Does Not Include

  • None Reported


The Ultimate Amazon Seller Course

The Ultimate Amazon Seller Course is broken up into the following modules


Module 1: Setting Up Your Business

  • How to structure your business
  • How to pick winning products you will not waste advertising money on
  • How to Form and Structure your LLC
  • How to set up an LLC if you Live outside the United States
  • Common scams and how to avoid them
  • International selling in countries not approved by Amazon
  • Tax Implications
  • Amazon currency converter
  • Tasks to do when you finish

Module 2: Booking, Taxes, and Insurance 

  • How to get your Tax ID Number
  • Liability Insurance
  • EIN walkthrough and how to get one if you are not a United States citizen
  • State and Federal Income Taxes
  • Tasks to do when you finish this module


Module 3: Business Accounts  

    • The business checking account
    • Doing business as…
    • Sales tax and how it applies to you
    • How to create your profit and loss statement
    • The Balance Sheet
    • Updated Sales tax info
    • Tasks to do when you finish this module

Module 5: Product Research Phase

  • What to look for and why the gurus are wrong
  • Should you bundle
  • Student success case study
  • Why competition is a good thing
  • How to find trending products with reliable research
  • Product Quality and Opportunity Calculator
  • Resources
  • Tasks to do after finishing this module


Module 5: Product Research Part 2 

  • Alibaba Product Research
  • 1688 Product Research
  • Using Competitors to find products
  • Using Facebook to find products
  • Using CamelCamelCamel
  • Top Selling ASINS new Research Tool
  • Weird Product Research Techniques
  • Resources
  • Tasks to do after finishing this Module

Module 6: Advanced Facebook Ads strategies 

  • Facebook Pixel Strategy
  • Audience research
  • Structuring interests and targeting correctly
  • Add to Cart Conversions
  • Purchase Conversion

Module 7: Product Research Part 3 

  • Beware of Jungle Scout
  • The Product Tracker
  • Jungle Scout Alternatives
  • Deviation from Criteria
  • Using Amzpecty
  • Product Research
  • Home Run Products and successful differentiation


Module 8: Sourcing Phase 1 

  • Comprehensive Patent Research
  • Product Selection: The Risk-Reward Dilemma
  • China Vs. Domestic
  • India Sourcing Methods
  • Picking a Supplier from Alibaba
  • Selling Patented Products

Module 9: Sourcing Phase 2 

  • Purchasing your first order
  • Negotiating with Suppliers
  • Making sure you get the best deal
  • Product Quality and ordering samples
  • Resources
  • India Sourcing Methods
  • Picking a Supplier from Alibaba
  • Selling Patented Products
  • Tasks to do After Finishing this Module

Module 11: Sourcing Phase 4

  • Air vs. Sea Shipping
  • Creating a Shipping Plan
  • Common Mistakes to Avoid
  • Sending the Product to the Fulfillment Center
  • Tasks to Do After Finishing this Module

Module 12: Product Listings 

  • Creating Product Variations
  • How to Bundle
  • Keywords in multiple languages
  • How to Determine the price that will make you the most money
  • Listing Hacks
  • Amazon Product Detail Page Policies
  • Amazon Brand Registry
  • Tasks to Do After Finishing this Module
  • Bonus: The two essential keys to any product listing

Module 13: Getting Sales 

  • Optimizing Your Title
  • Optimizing Your Bullet Points
  • Optimizing Your Images
  • Optimizing Your Description
  • Optimizing Back End Keywords
  • The Importance of Positive and Negative Reviews
  • Email follow up Strategies
  • How to Navigate Amazon Early Reviewer Program
  • Tasks to Do After Finishing this Module
  • Tasks to do after Finishing this Module

Module 14: Optimizing Sales 

  • Sponsored Ads
  • Optimizing PPC
  • Running a Sale
  • Free Shipping
  • Buy one Get One Promotions
  • Facebook Advertising
  • When and How to update your Product Listings
  • Display Ad Campaigns
  • Tasks to do after Finishing this Module

Module 15: Dealing With Problems

  • Dealing with Hijackers
  • How to Stay in Stock
  • What to do When Your Account is Suspended
  • How to make the most out of a bad Product
  • Amazon Dangerous Product Program
  • Amazon Baby Packaging Requirements
  • Resources


Module 16: Problems and Solutions 

  • Protecting Yourself from Prying Eyes
  • How to compete with other Sellers… Including Amazon
  • Fake and Negative Reviews
  • How to tell if an infringement claim is Legit
  • Amazon Dangerous Product Program
  • Amazon Baby Packaging Requirements
  • Resources

Module 17: Beyond FBA: The land of FBM and Shopify 

  • Amazon FBM
  • Why People are scared of FBM
  • How to hire someone part-time
  • Selling Amazon Products on Shopify Amazon Dangerous Product Program
  • Resources

Modules 18, 19, and 20: Beyond FBA: Growing Your Amazon Business 

  • External Financing
  • How to Hire a trustworthy Virtual Assistant
  • Reinvesting in your Business
  • Key Metrics to Tell if you are Going in the Right Direction
  • Email Marketing
  • Wholesaling on Amazon
  • Selling in Q4
  • Growing in a Niche
  • Selling Globally
  • How to Scale and Even Sell Your Business
  • Resources


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Special Bonuses

Custom Packages include hot trending product ideas that are ready for you to start selling right now.



This course has a private Facebook community where members can share their success and failures to help the entire group.  As part of the course you are also given Phil’s personal email, and he will help you with any questions you have our general guidnace.

About the Creator


Philip A Covington has over 35 years of business experience and has been working as a full-time Entrepreneur for over 20 years. He knows the ins and outs of the E-commerce business and has been running Multiple successful E-Commerce companies for years. After working for several companies that became extremely Profitable Phil grew tired of working for a company he did not own.  After that Phil decided to start selling on Amazon.  Phil turned an initial $1200 investment into an Amazon store worth over half a million dollars. After looking back on his successes and failures Phil realized that having a mentor to show him the way would have saved him lots of time and money.  Phil then decided to make courses to teach others what he had learned the hard war.  Phil’s mission is to give everyone access to his proven method of success so they can achieve financial freedom



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