The Big Diabetes Lie (Max Sidorov)

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The Big Diabetes Lie

The Big Diabetes Lie Course Review


The Big Diabetes Lie is an online 30-day program designed to show anyone with type two diabetes how they can directly combat symptoms of Type II Diabetes such as neuropathy, headaches, fatigue, increased thirst, hunger, frequent urination, and vision problems.  Anyone who is diagnosed with type II diabetes is immediately told they will have to spend the rest of their life on certain medications and constantly prick their fingers in order to monitor glucose levels.

The Big Diabetes Lie shows proven and scientifically tested ways to eliminate the symptoms of diabetes through completely natural methods.  Thousands of people have utilized the research in this course in order to completely stop insulin injections and remove all the negative symptoms associated with diabetes.

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What Is Diabetes?

There are technically 5 types of diabetes which you can read more about here.  However, The Big Diabetes Lie only combats the symptoms related to Type II diabetes.  If you are affected by a different type of diabetes there may be some helpful information in the guide but it is not intended to cure any of your symptoms.
Type I Diabetes is an immune disorder that typically affects young children and teenagers.  This type of diabetes is not caused by a poor diet but rather an immune deficiency which causes the body to destroy insulin-producing cells. This type of diabetes is also commonly called juvenile diabetes and requires patients to use synthetic insulin at all times in order to keep their blood sugar in a safe range because the body is constantly destroying cells in the pancreas.
Type II Diabetes is a metabolic disease which basically prevents your body from using insulin correctly or effectively.  Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas which allows the body to store excess glucose (sugar).  Diabetes prevents your body from producing the correct amount of insulin which causes your blood sugar to rise to dangerously high levels and can be life-threatening if untreated.  Type II Diabetes can be caused by genetics, being overweight, old age, and a poor diet.  When someone is diagnosed with Type II diabetes it is usually due to a combination of the above causes.  Because this type of diabetes is “caused” by inadequate nutrition and poor exercise habits its effects are largely able to be reversed through an extremely regulated diet and exercise program.
Type III Diabetes is typically referred to as an advancement of Type II Diabetes.  Type III diabetes occurs when someone with Type II Diabetes is diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disease such as Alzheimers or Dementia. New research suggests that when the brain becomes insulin resistant from complications with Type II Diabetes Alzheimer’s and dementia can form as a repercussion.

What Is The Big Diabetes Lie?

The Big Diabetes Lie is a downloaded PDF guidebook which gives in-depth research on how properly regulating food and water intake can virtually erase all internal and external symptoms of diabetes.  After sticking to the program for 30 days over 75% of participants say they are able to completely eliminate insulin injections from their daily routines.
The Big Diabetes Lie Program explains how the body accumulates toxins through many foods such as bread, pasta, chocolate, and excessive dairy.  The program shows how you can not only expel these toxins from your body but adapt a new diet which cuts out the foods carrying these toxins completely.  The big diabetes lie includes dozens of meal plans with instructions in order for you to naturally and permanently regulate your insulin levels and leave expensive and taxing medications behind.
Lastly, the program explains regulate glocose metabolism and measure you key insulin indicators without pricking your finger multiple times a day
In addition to regulating your diet, the guidebook also provides analysis on how sleep, antioxidants, and

Who Created The Big Diabetes Lie?

The Big Diabetes Lie was created by a man named Max Sidorov with a team of 5 doctors. These doctors are part of the “International Council For Truth In Medicine” which is basically a dieting blog, even though the name sounds extremely official they do not seem to have backing from any substantial sources.
These doctors claim that these “secrets” in their program are not really secrets at all, but rather that Pharmaceutical Companies and most doctors have a substantial financial stake in keeping patients on medications instead of significant changes in diet.  The council claims that the pharmaceutical industry has lobbied for years to keep these “secrets” hidden.  While these claims may be over the top the program was created by real doctors and delivers advice that is almost universally accepted in the medical communities to some degree.


Depending on your insurance plan diabetes medication can cost hundreds of even thousands of dollars a month.  This expense along with the various symptoms and baggage diabetes causes make the course a relatively low investment for $37 dollars.  While the course may not deliver “radical secrets” that completely cure diabetes, it does offer extremely sound advice on how to structure your diet in order to properly regulate your insulin levels and blood pressure without needing medication.  While these methods have been shown to greatly alleviate the symptoms of diabetes they do not cure diabetes itself.  Subscribing to the diet for 30 days will not cure diabetes forever.  Rather, the diet and protocols recommended in The Big Diabetes Lie will curb the symptoms as long as you follow the program.  If a person with diabetes strays from the prescribed diet and does not go back on their medication they put themselves at a major risk for uncontrolled blood pressure and blood sugar levels.  The course is backed by a full money back guarantee, adn if you are willing to change your diet this course will definitely help you replace diabetes medication with natural remedies.
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