The Basics Training Guide Course Review (Amanda Bucci)

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The Basics Training Guide



The basics training guide is a personal fitness program created by online fitness celebrity turned entrepreneur Amanda Bucci.  Amanda got her start posting free workout videos on Youtube and her channel took off from there.  Amanda’s weightlifting program prioritizes toning, functional movement, and safe dieting.  Amanda has included secret never before seen workouts in this program that she has never posted on Youtube, Instagram, or her Podcast


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Pros and cons



  • Program only requires you to work out 2-3 times per week
  • Emphasis on safe lifting techniques
  • Programs for Men and Women Detailed demonstrations of every exercise
  • Safe supplement and equipment recommendations
  • Detailed Nutritional Guidance



  • None Reported



The Basics Training Guide is a 6-week weight training program meant to build a stable foundation and weight training through specifically targeted programs for both men and women.  The course has multiple programs for people trying to add muscle, cut fat, increase tone, or simply learn how to weight lift safely.  While The Basics Training Guide is predominately a weight training program Amanda has included high-intensity cardio workouts for people trying to cut weight.In addition to the programs themselves, Amanda has included a bank of every single exercise in the program which contains pictures and descriptions of the proper form.


Course Creator

Amanda Bucci is an online fitness celebrity turned entrepreneur who got her start posting free workout videos on Youtube in 2014.  After gaining over 800,000 followers on Instagram and Youtube Amanda began to turn her attention to personal development and coaching.  Amanda promotes healthy living and actively discourages dangerous supplements, diets, and workout routines.  Amanda is currently sponsored by



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