Ted’s Woodworking Course Review (Ted Mcgrath)

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Ted's Woodworking

Ted’s Woodworking Course Review


Ted’s Woodworking course is an online product designed to teach a person of any skill level a variety of Do-it-Yourself Woodworking projects.  The course boasts over 16,000 designs ranging from sheds, tree houses, cabinets, shelves, furniture, toys, and much more.  The course is broken down by skill level so there are thousands of projects for total beginners, intermediate level woodworkers, and professional carpenters.
Because the course contains over 16,000 designs it is almost impossible to sift through every plan even though Ted has broken it down into various categories both by subject matter and skill level which allows you to filter the designs based on your interests pretty easily.  Most of the plans are decent quality and for $67 finding a few high-quality plans make it a sensible, economic purchase for almost any woodworker.
  • Pricing: Fixed 
  • Price: $67
  • Pricing model: One-time payment
  • Refund Policy: 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

About The Author

Ted Mcgrath began making furniture in high school.  After competing and winning multiple national woodworking competitions Ted decided to become a teacher at a technical college near his house.  An avid notetaker, Ted documented and recorded blueprints of every design he has ever made. Ted’s vast list of projects includes furniture, doors, toys, wooden backpacks, windmills, planters, swings and much more.  This course is the culmination of Ted’s life’s work and he has included step by step instructions so even a beginner can learn intermediate or advanced techniques through Ted’s course.

Woodworking Instructional Videos

 In addition to the 16,000 design plans, Ted also includes some woodworking instructional videos for beginners.  However, if you know absolutely nothing about woodworking you should not rely on these videos as your entire woodworking education.  These “instructional videos” are not comprehensive at all and leave lots of learning gaps.  You should consult a carpenter or perform outside research of your own if are completely new to carpentry. There are some very good beginner videos on Youtube which you can watch here.

The Actual Product 

Ted’s Woodworking Course is delivered electronically through a PDF.  This not only helps keeps the thousands of designs organized, but allows you to take the course with you wherever you go.  There have been several claims that the course has taken copyrighted designs, however, the course has been active for years and is not currently under any litigation.  Either way, as soon as you buy the course you can download the PDF so it is yours to keep forever.

The Designs 

The plans themselves are pretty straightforward and include a needed materials list.  However, the plans are not extremely detailed especially when you get to the more complicated projects for intermediate and professional carpenters.  However, basically, every design has 3d mockups and CAD (Computer Aided Design) images to make sure the builder knows the precise dimensions and structure of whatever they are building.

How To Get A Discount On The Course

There is a way to get $20 off of Ted’s Woodworking Course at the time of this post. This may go away at any point in time, but if you really want to buy the course you may be able to save about 1/3 of the total price.
Step 1: Go to Ted’s Woodworking Course Sales Page here.
Step 2: A popup will appear if you wait for several moments.  Once it appears click the “x” to make the tab go away
Step 3: Wait for another popup to appear and click “stay on the page”
Step 4: You will be redirected to a new page where you have the option to submit your email
Step 5: Submit Your Email
Step 6: After this, you will be redirected to another sales page.  The course should now be $47.


Ted’s Woodworking Course has thousands of designs which are perfect for any amateur carpenter looking to hone and refine their skills.  However, if you have never used woodworking tools before this course most likely will not give you the proper foundation needed to begin your new hobby or career.  If you do have experience in woodworking or carpentry this course offers a plethora of designs for a very cheap price even if you are unable to get the discount.

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