Surf Training Success (Cris Mills)

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Surf Training Success

Surf Training Success $37


Whether you are a lifelong surfer or just looking to get into better shape Surf Training Success is a comprehensive training program designed to give you a surfer’s physique and mobility, while also actively working to prevent common injuries most surfers face at some point in their career.  After receiving multiple potentially career-ending injuries professional surfer Cris Mills created a training program designed to build a competitor surfer while also training to prevent degenerative injuries.  This program focuses on nutrition, mobility, strength, and balance.  The program also focuses surfing specifc workouts every week.  While the program is obviously designed for surfers this is a great program for anyone looking for a workout focused on injury prevention.



Fixed: $37

Pricing model: One-time payment

Free Trial: None Available


Pros and cons



  • 3 Phases of training over 12 weeks focusing on different aspects of health, wellness, and surfing specific training
  • Only train 2-3 days a week
  • Online Community where you can personally ask Cris questions
  • Online and Offline platforms to track workouts
  • Over 65 Pages of exercise programs
  • Unlimited access to new updates


Does Not Include

  • None Reported


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Surf Training Success Course Overview

Cris’ specialized workout is broken up into three specific parts during the 12-week course.  One of the key components of Cris’ workout is the amount of time you spend training. Cris emphasizes to never spend more than 45 minutes working out, and to take specific exact breaks between periods of exercises.  After coaching hundreds of students Cris has determined the optimal rest time in between exercises.  The specific rest time varies per exercise and is intended to optimize circulation and decrease inflammation.


Cris also emphasizes the importance of tracking your workouts.  Chris has online and offline templates you can use to measure the time of your workouts, repetitions, and resistance.  The other important part of this course is the cost.  Cris wanted to make sure the methods used in the training would be affordable to everyone.  This program can be completed in any gym, and can also be done at home with less than $50 spent on workout materials.


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Cris has a special community for all the members of Surf Training Success.  Cris frequently answers student questions in this community and also posts additional bonus content for members on occasion.  The Surf Training Success community is also a great place for other surfers to connect and share the ways they have adapted Cris’ course to work for them.

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About the Creator

Cris Mills is a former professional surfer and licensed Strength and Conditioning coach.  Cris always trained and competed at 100%  capacity even when he was injured.  Because Cris always trained and competed so hard he had multiple joint operations and chronic back pain before his 30th birthday.  Chris spent the next several years learning about multiple types of restorative therapies, nutritional solutions, and mechanical movements.  After spending several years studying body mechanics and various massage therapy techniques Cris was able to eliminate almost all of his aches and pain, and eventually returned to surfing.  Cris created this course to show others the proper training techniques and mobility exercises that will keep surfers in top condition for competition.   


Below are some of Cris’ additional certifications

NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
CHEK Practitioner Level 2
CHEK HLC Level 1
Licensed Massage Therapist and Remedial Therapist
NeuroKinetic Therapy Level 1 & 2
Certified Foundation Training Instructor
Somatic Integrative Neuromuscular Therapist via Paul St. John’s Method
Functional Movement Screen Levels 1 & 2
FMA Level 1 & 2
NASM Certified Personal Trainer

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