Simpler Trading Course Review (John Carter and Bruce Marshall)

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Simpler Trading

Simpler Trading Course Review

Description:  Simpler Trading is an online course designed to teach a proven tested out strategy for day trading in 2018.  This course was created by John Carter, a 20 year Wall Street and investing veteran.  John created this course to show how anyone can take charge of their finances without having to pay a professional money manager thousands of dollars to handle their account.  Below you will find a break down of everything you will learn in Simpler Trading 
Module 1: Introduction To The Course and Indicators 
This module gives everyone unfamiliar with Forex and Domestic trading an education on the market and defines several key terms that will be used throughout the course.  In this module, you will learn how to analyze trends and look for common indicators that signal the beginning of a trend
Module 2: Directional Butterfly Strategy
In this module, Bruce and John break down several common trades such as the butterfly trade, calls, and puts.  This module explains the common beginner mistakes many people make when first attempting these trades, and how to make sure you avoid them.  John and Bruce explain how to analyze charts and graphs in order to determine what position to take, and how to know when to exit.
Module 3: Trade Examples
In this module, John and Bruce bring together everything you have learned to give you a clear picture of the “Adaptive Income Method”.  This module takes a deeper dive into credit spreads and the “swing market”. In addition, John and Bruce take you inside their personal accounts and show you how they are making daily trades based on their personal portfolios.
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