Shopify Ninja Masterclass Course Review (Kevin David)

Shopify Ninjas Masterclass

Shopify Ninja Master Class $997


ThatLifestyleNinja is much more than just a course… it is a movement to escape the 9-5 and create freedom from your desk job.  This course can teach anyone how to build a successful Drop Shipping store without having to package and ship any inventory yourself. This course delves deep into the process of product research, supplier contact, store creation, in-depth social media advertising, and scaling your asset.  After completing this course you will understand advanced marketing and arbitrage strategies



Fixed: $997

Pricing model: One-time payment

Or 3 Payments of $397

Free Trial: None Available

Refund Policy: 14-day money back guarantee if less than 40% of videos watched

Recommended Startup Money: $1,000

Pros and cons


  • The Ninja Masterclass | Shopify
  • 5 Core Modules which break down the entire process of creating a successful Shopify store
  • 65+  In-Depth Video Lessons
  • Detailed Facebook Advertising Strategies
  • Access to the Private Facebook Group With Kevin’s Most Successful Students!


Does Not Include

  • None Reported


Shopify Ninja Course Modules

The Shopify Ninja Course is broken up into the following 5 modules

Module #1: Finding your Home-Run Product!

  • How to find evergreen products that never go out of demand
  • How to use the 80/20 Rule in order to prioritize the essential parts of starting an online business and not waste your time doing unnecessary tasks so you “feel busy”
  • Learn how to leverage the “Dropshipping Dartboard Effect” which teaches you how to test multiple products within the same niche without unnecessarily buying inventory 
  • See Kevin’s secret list of untapped niches where the demand is currently much greater than the supply

Module #2: Finding The Best Supplier!

  • How to use Ali-express and Alibaba find trustworthy suppliers who will deliver quality product for the cheapest price
  • Common Beginner Mistakes and Traps most drop shippers fall into.  This module will save you hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars when negotiating with suppliers
  • How to minimize tariffs, taxes, and fees to keep your profit margin as high as possible
  • Learn how to navigate international shipping and get products in your customers’ hands as fast a possible without paying for expedited shipping
  • How to pick a supplier for the long term and get customized pricing for everything you order
  • How to turn suppliers against each other in order to maximize your discount

Module #3: Creating Your Shopify Store!

  • Step by Step walkthrough on how to set up your Shopify Store.  Throughout this module, Kevin shares the themes and settings he uses on his own Shopify stores in order to maximize conversions
  • The essential apps you need to add to your store in order to ensure you get the highest conversion rates possible
  • Finding a cheap domain that allows you to build good SEO in the future
  • How to set up safe transactions for customers and promote this as a reason to trust your site
  • Special access and pricing to Kevin’s personal designer for logos and clothing designs 
  • How to optimize your store for desktop and mobile visitors
  • How to link all your sales to Aliexpress and Alibaba so you do not have to personally approve and pay for every order
  • Kevin’s proven product page template which has personally made him hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Module #4: Your Marketing Explosion!

  • A beginner’s guide to Facebook ads, and advanced strategies you can use as you begin to scale
  • How to “ignore the algorithm” and only focus on Facebook Ads that actually matter
  • How to find the best audience possible without spending thousands on ads to figure it out
  • How to preplan your advertising budget to stay on track – When to Do What & How to Do It, Down To The Click…
  • How to pivot ad campaigns that are not converting 
  • How to scale a winning ad without losing your audience in the process
  • How to interpret, Understand, and analyze all the important Facebook metrics, without getting bogged down by hundreds of stats
  • How to calculate your acquisition cost and make sure you stay profitable as you scale
  • How To Create & Use Powerful “Custom Audiences” and “Lookalike Audiences” 10x your top performing ads and multiply your money like never before.
  • Mastering Instagram Ads to target mobile-centric buyers so you do not miss out on any sales
  • Using push and pull advertising to maximize sales

Module #5: Scaling to the Moon!

  • A Simple Friendly Trick get free shoutouts from influencers so your traffic explodes
  •  How to find and contact the ideal influencer for your product
  • A Free Software Tool To  Easily Find Influencers On Facebook
  • How To Test An Influencer’s Audience To See If They’re Likely To shop at your store and buy your products
  • The Art Of Reaching Out To Influencers and how to get them to promote you
  • 2 Extremely Profitable Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Influencer Marketing Relationship That No One Else is Talking About Right Now
  • Quick Tricks To Get multiple Shout-Outs On Instagram For An Entire Week, which has been repeated by multiple customers.  
  • How To Find Youtube Influencers that will do in-depth product reviews and link to your store.
  • How To Negotiate incredibly cheap rates with influencers and get them to do much more than just a shout out
  • Email & Message Template That Increase Reply Rates When Reaching Out To Top Influencers Who Get a Ton of Attention
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ThatLifestyleNinja has the largest E-Commerce facebook group in the world. The amount of knowledge shared by its numbers is immeasurable.  This group contains the journeys of thousands of successful Drop Shipping and Amazon FBA entrepreneurs. This community has answers to thousands of frequently asked questions and has members who are always looking to help out new members.

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About the Creator


Kevin David has been a lifelong entrepreneur since age 14 when he began selling baseball cards.  After working at a high paying accounting firm for several years Kevin knew he was not in the right place.  Kevin then went to go work for Facebook because of the great employee perks and work-life balance. However, Kevin knew he would never be happy working for someone else.  While working at Facebook Kevin decided to start selling through Amazon FBA to make extra money. After finding success with Amazon Kevin began to look for additional sources of revenue.  After finding massive success on Shopify as well Kevin wanted to help free others from the soul-sucking 9-5 work day. In 2017 Kevin started ThatLifestyleNinja in order to show help teach others that they can escape their 9-5 just like him.  Kevin has been featured in articles from Forbes, Entrepreneur, and INC for helping thousands of students follow their dreams..

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There currently are not enough reviews for the Shopify Ninja Course to be given a grade.  Once we receive at least 10 reviews we will be able to give it a rating.

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