Shopify Drop Shipping Course Review (Sebastian Ghiorghui)

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Shopify Drop Shipping Course

Shopify Drop Shipping $594


In this course, Sebastian Ghiorghui details how to create a profitable Drop Shipping store in under 30 days.  Sebastian’s course is very similar to other Drop Shipping courses and is priced around the average of most Drop Shipping courses.  However, while Sebastian’s course includes the rundown most courses have he also includes a detail module on Twitter ads.  Most Drop Shipping courses focus on Facebook and Instagram ads because those are the two most popular platforms recently.  However, Sebastian details how Twitter has been overlooked by most Drop Shippers, and how the ads are unbelievably cheap.  While the rest of Sebastian’s content is extremely similar to other courses, it is not bad content.  Sebastian’s videos on niche selection, supplier selection, building a Shopify store with recommended themes, and Facebook ads are not revelatory.  However, Sebastian’s differentiator is how he uses Twitter ads to scale his store.  If you are looking for unconventional ways to beat out competitors this course may be a good fit for you.


no one does twitter.



Fixed: $594

Pricing model: One-time payment

Refund Policy: None (Have to watch less than 15% of videos)

Recommended Startup Money: $1,000

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Pros and cons


  • Complete walkthrough on how to set up a Shopify Drop Store
  • Extensive Facebook and Instagram advertisement research
  • Detailed Twitter Advertising Campaign strategy 
  • Shopify web design tutorials
  • Private Facebook Group with continuous updates from Sebastian



  • None Reported


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Course Modules

The Shopify Ninja Course is broken up into the following  modules

Module #1: Intro 

  • This module is basically a bunch of motivational propaganda to get you fired up before getting into the real course.  However, Sebastian also includes all of the upfront costs you are going to face as you begin building your store and brand. 

Module #2: Research 

  • In this module, Sebastian talks about niche and product selection, while keeping in mind you eventually want to use upsells on your site.  Sebastian also says you can sell trademarked items as long as you are not selling a lot of product.  That’s awful advice and technically illegal.  It could work in the short term, but why would anyone go through all the trouble of building a Shopify store with no intention to scale?

Module #3: Product Overview

  • In this module, Sebastian gives the basics of product selection and how to vet out unreliable suppliers.  Sebastian also details how to link up your store to Oberlo so you do not have to manually order all the products by yourself.  After this Sebastian details a few ways to get fake reviews in order to increase the validity of the site.

Module #4: Taking Your Store from 0 to 1K

  • This is by far the biggest module in the entire course.  Sebastian shows you how to set up your store with Google Analytics and a Facebook Pixel, pick a theme for your store, create content for Instagram and Facebook, and finally how to contact and negotiate with Instagram influencers.

Module #5: Promotions and Driving Traffic 

  • This module details how to get fake followers and likes on Instagram.  Sebastian also gives a more in-depth checklist on how to negotiate with influencers, and find influencers that are not constantly promoting products.

Module #6: Instagram

  • This module details how to build a brand organically through Instagram without paying for influencers or ads.

Module #7: Twitter

  • This module is where you will get the most bang for your buck.  Sebastian explains how Facebook and Instagram can get very crowded when similar stores are competing for the same audiences, influencers, and keywords.  However, Twitter is not leveraged by many Drop Shipping stores.  Sebastian breaks down how Twitter ads differ from Facebook and Instagram.  This does not mean making the ad better or worse, but Twitter simply requires a different type of storytelling in order to find success.

Module #9: Top Secret Videos

  • Full disclosure this stuff is not that secret.  But it is pretty handy once you have the basics of Drop Shipping down.  Franklin goes over how to grease your profit margins with warranties, using coupons for emails, how to spy on other Shopify stores for product ideas, and using review websites to build your brand through affiliate programs.

Module #10: Updates

  • Because Facebook and Instagram’s algorithms and targeting pages change pretty frequently, Franklin has dedicated this page to updates on how to navigate the changing advertisement landscape.  If nothing else it is reassuring to know that the course will be at least somewhat evergreen.
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  • Sebastian’s private Facebook group currently has over 1000 members.  This group is a great way to network with other entrepreneurs and seek guidance from experienced Drop Shippers for those just starting out.  Sebastian also frequently posts additional course updates in the Facebook group so all members can see it in real time.


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