SEO Bootcamp Course Review (Jeffrey Smith)

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SEO Bootcamp

SEO Bootcamp Course Review

Description:  Paid Search might win the battle, but SEO will win the war.  In this course, Jeffrey Smith breaks down everything the current state of SEO, and how to build a sustainable free business plan that will outperform and advertisements in the long run. While PPC and social media advertising may seem appealing to most people, they require money to be executed correctly, and a lot of money to scale.  However, SEO only requires you to put in the work and be patient. SEO Bootcamp is so comprehensive it has 5 weeks of actionable material for you to execute on while you take the course. 
Module 1: Market Recon
– This module breaks down how to correctly research your niche, find keywords, and build keyword density in order to rank for the most popular phrases pertaining to your niche.  In addition, this niche will show you how to find similar websites and blogs to your own, and make sure you differentiate yourself as you begin to build the foundation of your website.
Module 2: Site Architecture
-This module explains how to build out the functionality in your site and scale based on what you are trying to accomplish.  Your strategy will be different depending on whether or not you are setting up a blog, e-commerce store, affiliate site, or something else entirely.  Jeffrey explains exactly how to select your theme and direct your user’s attention once they land on your site.
Module 3: Tactical Content Blueprint 
– This module takes you through several examples of popular blogs and case studies. Jeffrey explains how a blog written correctly can enhance any website on Google.  Jeffrey then explains how to write blog posts that will rank high in Google.  This can vary based on length, keyword density, similar articles, and content helpfulness.
Module 4: On-Page SEO Ops
– This module explains how to optimize SEO on the front end of your website.  This includes optimizing certain pages and link building with other sites you can leverage.
Module 5: Off-Page SEO Ops
– This module covers backlinks, RSS feed, Social media and other ways to increase the awareness and credibility of your brand.  Credibility is extremely underrated when it comes to ranking on Google.  Jeffrey explains how you can leverage your site in order to show Google you are a trusted source.  Once you do this you will rank extremely high for everything you post.
Module 6: Bonuses
– This module includes additional case studies, checklists, and other bonuses in order to help you explode your growth.  The greatest asset to building a website with great SEO is patience.  Google does not change its ranking system overnight.  This course will show you the blueprint, but it will take months to build a great house.
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