Savage Affiliates Course Review (Franklin Hatchett)

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Savage Affiliates


Savage Affiliates  


Here are the most popular ways you can build “Passive Income”

  • Collect Dividends from the Stock Market
  • Buy a Building and Collect Rent
  • Earn commissions from Affiliate Marketing
  • Create an online business and hire Virtual Assistants to do all the Work For You
  • Write a Book and Collect Royalties

All of these methods work, and if executed well can generate hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.  However, money is a huge barrier to entry for every avenue except for Affiliate Marketing and Writing a successful book.  If you think you can go write a book that will sell a million copies you should probably stop reading and go do that instead.

However, Affiliate Marketing really only takes time and less than a few hundred dollars to scale.  A common misconception is that it is nearly impossible to become successful at affiliate marketing unless you have tens of thousands of followers.  This is untrue. Franklin Hatchett has built an affiliate marketing system which generates over $10,000 a month in pure profit.

  • Franklin explains that he chooses to use Affilaite Marketing instead of other alternatives because
  • No Cost of Goods Sold
  • Never Run out of Stock
  • Seamlessly move to a different niche using the same strategies if what you are promoting goes out of style
  • Throughout this course


Throughout the entire course, Franklin shows how anyone can generate free traffic to their site to earn commissions on thousands of digital and physical products.  Franklin breaks down exactly why most Affiliate Marketers are unable to generate any revenue and how you can create adverstiements and landing pages that will generate thousands of dollars for years to come.



Fixed: $197

Pricing model: One-time payment

Refund Policy: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Pros and cons


  • Step by step process on how to use Amazon Affiliate Marketing
  • Full walkthrough on how to find the best products on Clickbank (Largest Affiliate Marketplace in the World)
  • A-Z Guide on how to leverage SEO for Beginners
  • Full walkthrough on Free Traffic Generation
  • Full walkthrough on Paid Traffic Generation (Search Engines and Social Media)




  • None Reported



Phase 1: Affiliate Introduction  

  • The introduction introduces you to the course and includes a basic overview of the current Affiliate Marketing Landscape.  After this Franklin breaks down what the course will cover as well as some basic SEO terminology for those with no previous experience in Affiliate Marketing or SEO.

Phase 2: Niches and Products 

  • In Phase 2 Franklin breaks down several locations you can go in order to find products to promote such as Clickbank, JVZOO, Amazon, and several others.
  • Franklin explains how payouts with these companies work as well as how to web host for some companies and make hundreds of dollars a month without having to sell a single product.

Phase 3: Building Your Assets 

  • This module focuses on building a website where you can promote your products. Franklin walks you through every step of the process and shows you how can create functional, nice looking website without writing a single line of code.
  • Franklin breaks down how to find and negotiate for a domain, beginner and advanced SEO strategies, building an email list, installing Google Analytics and a Facebook Pixel, as well as using Facebook chatbots to drum up leads.

Phase 4: Clickbank Affiliate Marketing 

  • Fair warning the Clickbank section contains over 10 hours of material
  • Franklin explains how Clickbank’s payout structure works and how to set up an account
  • After this Franklin shows how to pick popular Clickbank products, and how to structure reviews in order to ensure they will sell
  • After this Franklin explains how to find keywords for your articles, and even buy cheap articles to link to your blog

Phase 5: Amazon Affiliate Marketing

  • In this module, Franklin explains how to create Amazon Affiliate websites, and how to include that are easy to rank on.  After this Franklin shows multiple Amazon Affiliate websites that are making over $1,000,000 a  year.  While it is unrealistic to expect to be able to scale an affiliate website this much, Franklin explains how correctly leveraging SEO can easily make $5,000 to $10,000 a month.
  • After this Franklin shows you several affiliate sites he has created that are currently generating him over $10,000 a month.  Franklin explains how he leveraged blogging and link building in order to gain his site thousands of visitors for free.

Phase 6: SEO Traffic  

  • Franklin dedicates this module to teaching you everything he knows about Search Engine Optimization or (SEO)
  • Franklin explains how to Track Keyword Movements, Install and utilize Google Webmaster and Analytics, Leveraging Quora questions for free search, buying PBN Links, and Hidden Links
  • It is ok if you know nothing about these topics because Franklin dedicates several videos to the basics of how each work
  • However, once you are given a high-level introduction Franklin shows multiple advanced examples for each tactic
  • Lastly, Franklin shows how to use blog comments on other websites in order to improve  your search ranking

Phase 7: Paid Traffic Training 

  • In this Module, Franklin explains how to increase traffic from paid advertisements.
  • Franklin covers Facebook, Google, Instagram, as well as independent advertising
  • Franklin shows you exactly how to set up a Facebook Pixel and use Google Adwords to track Keywords to target
  • After this Franklin explains how to responsibly scale ads without risking all your money by using lookalike audiences and influencers

Phase 8: Free Traffic Training  

  • In this section, Franklin teaches the “art” of picking the right products
  • Franklin shows how he can reverse engineer SEO tactics in order to find popular products which are currently underadvertised.  This allows Franklin to rank easily on Google
  • After this Franklin shows how to use Youtube in order to capture free traffic to send to your site.  Franklin shows how using keywords differs on Youtube as opposed to Google, and how to make sure your Youtube account is properly configured and optimized

Phase 9: Email Marketing Training  

  • This module focuses on building successful email marketing campaigns.  Unfortunately, unless you have a large email list you will be unable to perform any of the tactics in this training.  However, earlier in the course Franklin explains how to capture emails from potential customers.  Once you have enough emails captured Franklin explains how to increase open rates and integrate with Clickfunnels and other programs.



Private Facebook Group 

  • Franklin has created a Private Facebook Group for all his students.  Franklin frequently answers student questions in the course as well as trending updates in the Affiliate Marketing Landscape.

About the Creator

Franklin Hatchett began using Google Adwords over 10 years ago in order to make Affiliate Commissions.  After Finding Limited success with Google Adwords Franklin began using Facebook Advertising to promote various affiliate and drop shipping products.  Using a combination of SEO and Targeting Advertising on Social Media Franklin made over 7 figures using internet marketing.


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