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Cold Calling


Cold Calling  $995

Cold Calling has the stigma of a thankless job that very rarely produces any discernable results for big companies. However, the top 1% of cold callers are arguably the most important employees in any company.  The problem with cold calling is that very few people know how to do it correctly.  Many people who start cold calling give up far too quickly because they are unable to cope with the rejection they face from most of the people they call.  Grant Cardone is one of the greatest cold callers of all time and has created Sales Training University in order to show anyone how to create a winning script and leverage technology in order to join the top 1% of cold callers.  Grant has consulted multiple Fortune 500 Companies including Wells Fargo and Google on how to better optomize their cold calling procudures.


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  • Learn the basics of Real Estate investment and common traps to avoid
  • Financing without gambling your own money or credit score
  • How cold calling can be adapted to any business model



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Module 1: Cold Calling Basics

  • This module covers the basics of the cold call and why many people are reluctant to try it.  Throughout this module, Grant explains how the cold call has evolved over recent years and how he has used the cold call in order to transform dozens of struggling companies into multi-million dollar businesses through targeted cold calling techniques

Module 2: Preparing for the Cold Call

  • In this module, Grant covers multiple types of cold calling strategies you can utilize depending on your industry, brand recognition, customer demographic, and cold calling experience.  Throughout this module Grant also gives you several cold calling scripts that have a much higher conversion rate than the average cold call.  Finally, Grant covers several role-playing exercises that will allow you to better engage with potential clients when talking to them for the first time on the phone.

Module 3: The Cold Call Process

  • In this module, Grant covers how to counter objections with facts that support the big claim in your call.  Grant also explains how to begin customizing one of the template scripts included in the course in order to personalize the pitch for your audience.

Module 4: Cold Call Objections

In this module, Grant goes in-depth on how to set up scripts and processes for any objection imaginable.

This Includes…

  • Not Interested
  • I’m am Busy / Don’t Have Time
  • The Lunch OpportunitySend me Some Information / Email me
  • Not the Decision Maker
  • No Budget
  • Let me Try it / Free Trial
  • Need to Talk to Director / Executive / Board / Spouse
  • Price Objection / Too Much Money
  • Didn’t use the Last one we Bought
  • Already Working With Another Company
  • What Do You Do?
  • Call me Next Quarter

Module 5: Types of Calls

In this module Grant covers the four main types of calls and when to use each.

This Includes…

  1. Outbound Cold Call
  2. Outbound  Lead Response
  3. Outbound Referral Call
  4. Outbound Follow-Up Call

Module 6:  Getting Past the Gate Keeper

In this module, Grant details multiple ways to get past the office “gatekeeper” in order to talk to the person who will inevitably make the decision on whether or not buy what you are selling.  Grant details when you need to call and how to act the part in order to have a dialogue with the decision maker.

Module 7: Daily Success Rituals for Inside Sales

In this module Grant details his routine every morning, and how having a structure in place every morning made him a better salesman.  This includes when to wake up, workout, stay organized, and even finding music to get pumped up before making calls.

Module 8: Advanced Cold Call Tips

By the time you reach module 8, you will have an incredibly detailed understanding of the intricacies of cold calling.  In this module, Grant gives a brief recap of everything you have learned as well as several bonus tips which separate the good from the great.  Grant details the best ways to leave messages, and how to utilize text and social media to optimize your influence in your market.
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About the Creator

Grant Cardone is an American Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Sales Trainer, and New York Times Best Selling Author of 7 books including the 10X Rule and Sell or Be Sold.  After graduating with an accounting degree when he was 22 years old Cardone became immersed with drugs and entered rehabilitation.  After successfully completing a rehabilitation program Grant began investing in real estate and flipping properties rather than pursuing a job in the accounting world.  After initially buying single-family homes Cardone began investing in apartment builds and multi-family living complexes in order keep his occupancy rates more stable.  Shortly after this Grant began a sales consulting agency to teach small businesses sales strategies to 10x their returns.  Since the Grant created Sales Training University, which allows any small business or entrepreneur to learn a multitude of sales strategies from Grant himself.

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