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Rev It Up Reading



Rev It Up Reading  $49

Rev It Up Reading is an online speed reading course developed by Abby Marks Beale.  Abby developed this course after tutoring high schoolers on how to speed read as a way to make extra money.  Abby found that in less than an hour she could increase person’s reading speed by 200% without sacrificing any discernable comprehension. Abby achieved these seemingly unattainable results by streamlining saccade movements in the eyes.  Have you ever found yourself reading the same sentence over and over again?  Its because your saccade movements are all over the place.  Abby’s method allows you to ensure that you keep reading left to write without having to keep jolting your eyes back involuntarily.   After seeing the improvements in reading comprehension, speed tests scores for her students Abby pitched several colleges and high schools on the idea of adding speed reading to the curriculum. After receiving mixed feedback Abby decided to create her own online speed reading class so it could be available to anyone regardless of geographic location.




Fixed: $47 (7 Day Pass) 

Refund Policy: 100% Money Back Guarantee

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Pros and cons



  • Downloadable PDF which contains all instructions and exercises
  • Automatic progress charts throughout each module
  • Easy to use methods that can be applied to reading a physical book or screen
  • Follow up emails with additional speed reading exercises
  • Access to Abby and other speed reading teachers for useful tips, tricks, and help navigating the course



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Rev it up reading consists of 9 training modules that total just over 5 hours in total length.  If you are unsatisfied with reading speed at the end of the course you are entitled to a full refund, with no questions asked.

Module 1 

  • Module 1 features a speed reading test in order to determine your current reading comprehension and reading speed levels.  This test will serve as a benchmark for how well you have improved throughout the course.

Module 2

  • This module introduces you to the “White Card Method”.  This method helps to widen your peripheral vision in order to reduce total eye movement needed to read across the entire page.  This section also features several drills and exercises that are only available through your computer

Module 3 

  • This module covers many of the common “bad habits” most people have when they are reading.  This includes slowly speaking the words as you read and moving your eyes across the page every time you read a new word.  This module focuses on taking a snapshot of the text in order to keep you from spending unnecessary time on eye movement.

Module 4

  • This module focuses on grouping words as a phrase instead of individual text

Module 5

  • This module addresses reading comprehension.  At this point in the course, you speed has typically increased anywhere from 200% to 300%, but your comprehension has probably plummeted.  This course features multiple exercises which allow you to strengthen comprehension including the “Pull Down Center” Technique which allows you to better understand what you are reading while also applying the new techniques and strategies you have learned.

Module 6

  • This module begins to incorporate more advanced strategies and drill in order to push your limits.  This course will monitor you for both speed and comprehension to make sure you no longer prioritize one at the expense of the other.  Some of these techniques include the underline technique and the two-thirds technique

Module 7

  • This module focuses on how to decrease reading load without sacrificing content

Module 8

  • This module focuses on skimming text, and how to search for specific keywords and triggers

Module 9

  • The final module gives a brief review on everything you have learned and includes several exercises to use in order to keep your comprehension and speed levels from regressing.  You are also given an assessment at the end of this module to show you how much your reading speed and comprehension has improved.


About the Creator

Abby Marks Beale has been teaching speed reading since 1988.  Realizing what a tremendous impact speed reading made in her own career, Abby began to teach others the valuable skills she had learned.  Although her initial goal was to convince a school to begin a speed reading program, Abby has since created her own program and offered private consulting services to organizations looking to gain an edge in both reading speed and comprehension. Some of Abby’s clients include The United States Army, The United States Navy, and Pfizer Pharmaceuticals.


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