Retail Mastery Course Review (Bob Negen)

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Retail Mastery Course Review

Retail Mastery System Course Review $2997


Running a successful retail business is incredibly hard.  The rise of e-commerce has only made retail success harder the last few years and it will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.  However, Retail is far from dead! The Retail Mastery System shows you exactly how to leverage your geographic position, niche, and competitors in order to massively accelerate your sales and free up your time.  Whether you are struggling to turn a profit, or are just looking for a way to get more free time without your store falling into disarray, the Retail Mastery System is for you.  The Retail Mastery System was created by Bob and Susan Negen who have over 30 years combined in the retail industry.  Bob and Susan have both consulted individual retail stores as well as big chains.  If you are worried about how e-commerce will impact your business, want more time, want more money, or all three you The Retail Mastery System may be for you.



Fixed One Time Payment: $2997

Monthly: 18 Payments of $197

Fixed One Time Payment: 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

Pros and cons



  • Staff Development (Hire, manage, and lead your team)
  • Marketing (Drive tons of customers into your store)
  • Digital Marketing (Leverage the power of the internet to attract more customers)
  • Customer Service (Create a customer-focused culture in your store)
  • Selling (Increase sales and improve service)
  • Store Operations (Make your store run on rails, even if you’re not around)
  • Visual Merchandising (Design and display to sell more merchandise)
  • Inventory Management (Buy smart to put more money in the bank)
  • Assortment Planning (Pick the right products to keep your customers buying)
  • Financial Management (Understand basic retail math and financial reports)
  • Personal Business Skills (Get more done and have more fun)



Does Not Include

  • None Reported


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Retail Mastery System Course Review 


Essential Retail Skill #1: Marketing

  • How to stop wasting money on ads that don’t work, PLUS you’ll discover the secret to big-time returns on all of your marketing efforts. (This information alone will be worth thousands of dollars to you!).
  • 12 proven methods that will bring new customers into your store on a regular basis… Our clients have used these strategies in urban, suburban, and rural areas with great success.

Essential Retail Skill #2: Selling

  • The non-negotiable steps to a great retail sale and how to make them happen in your store.
  • The major paradigm shift retailers must make to become tremendously successful at selling and how to create this shift for your own store.
  • How to master the most powerful words you can use to explore customer needs and make more sales.
  • The secret to add-on sales and how to effortlessly increase average sale and add profit to your bottom line.

Essential Retail Skill #3: Assortment Planning

  • How to get deals that will save you money and strengthen your relationships with your vendors at the same time.
  • The 8 key concepts of assortment planning and how to implement them in your store.
  • How to create your store’s merchandising philosophy and why it’s important to have one.
  • The most important reports you should run, review, and analyze weekly. These reports will reveal exactly what merchandise your customer is hoping to find on your shelves when they come shopping.


Essential Retail Skill #4: Staff Development

  • How you can create a team environment to get your staff working together harder than ever.
  • The method to make the right hire every time with our exclusive interview process. Discover how to see below the surface using our techniques.
  • The secret to writing help-wanted ads that attract great people – and it all starts with creating your ideal employee profile (don’t worry, we’ll show you how to do that, too!).
  • The best way to improve employee performance (and reward high-performing staff) that’s easy to implement and actually welcomed by employees.


Essential Retail Skill #5: Inventory Management

  • How an Open Buy System will allow you to buy less, sell more, reduce clearance markdowns and build your profit margins.
  • Our 5-Point Structuring System to create an optimally efficient department structure. Plus, learn exactly how to use it in your store.
  • The insider way to expertly plan your annual sales using our Proven 7 Step Process.
  • How to minimize markdowns and decrease the impact on the health of your business

Essential Retail Skill #6: Visual Merchandising

  • The 5 Critical Elements of Visual Merchandising and what difference they will make in the way your store looks and sells.
  • Why your overall brand image is the foundation of all your Visual Merchandising and will influence every other decision you make.
  • How the right signs become silent salespeople and add a lot of dollars to your bottom line with no effort from you.
  • The basic rules of effective in-store display (and what you need to know about displaying your merchandise the right way).
  • How to entice customers into your store with appealing, dramatic window displays.

Essential Retail Skill #7: Customer Service

  • How to train your team to say the 9-word combo that will help you handle customer complaints. You’ll have fewer returns, keep more loyal customers, and improve your employees’ confidence.
  • How to harness the magic of the rule of reciprocityand how you can gain more by giving more.
  • The proprietary W.W.M.C.W. method that will make your customers take notice (and tell their friends).
  • The 5 non-negotiable standards that you need to implement right now to create a premium customer service culture in your store (this is what creates raving fans of your business and increases your sales).


Essential Retail Skill #8: Digital Marketing

  • How to strategically choose and plan your social media attack so you’re found in the right places at the right time.
  • A simple matrix with over 100 ideas for social media content so you can attract an audience on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube and drive them to your store.
  • How email marketing can help you stay in touch with your customers – from your welcome email to your eagerly anticipated email messages, you’ll have our proven system for getting email right.
  • What pages you need on your website (and why) to convert website traffic into foot traffic and increased sales in your store.


Essential Retail Skill #9: Financial Management

  • 8 ways to take more cash out of your business because CASH IS KING.
  • The 6 simple financial statistics that will tell you 99% of what you need to know about the REAL direction your business is taking.
  • How to read (and understand) a balance sheet and P&L statement without getting a migraine
  • The 5 crucial questions you should ask before even thinking about hiring your financial team.


Essential Retail Skill #10: Store Operations

  • Scheduling secrets that will save you hundreds (or thousands) of dollars in payroll every month.
  • A simple technique that helped one client catch a thief – the first day she used it! (The harsh truth is that your store is vulnerable… and we’ll help you keep your money in your pocket where it belongs.)
  • The best method of creating a store opening and closing checklist – so you can start your day off (and end your day) right every single day.
  • 12 ways to create a store environment that dazzles your customers.


Essential Retail Skill #11: Personal Business Skills

  • 4 ways to think about your time so you to get the most important work done and still have time for family, fun, and friends. Imagine having a social life AND a thriving business!
  • Your psycho-cybernetic system: what it is, and how you can control it
  • How aligning your beliefs and your values can make immediate and major positive changes occur in your business and your life.
  • What is your Reticular Activation System and how do you harness its power? We’ll show you!
  • 9 productivity hacks that allow you to work smart and get more done with ease.
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Special Bonuses

  • Two FREE Tickets to the Retail Success Summit (Value: $1,294). The Retail Success Summit is a LIVE event that’s jam-packed with the concepts we teach. It’s an in the flesh, super-energizing event designed to help you make the most of the Retail Mastery System.
  • Physical Sampels, checklists, and templates of every exercise explained in the course.



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About the Creator

After owning his own award-winning kite store, Bob has spent the past decade as a speaker teaching retailers, store owners and managers the nuts-and-bolts skills they need to run a successful business.

Bob understands the language of small business and the things that are important to an independent store owner. 

Things like how to generate tons of sales on a shoestring marketing budget, what you need to know about practical financial management that your banker and CPA don’t tell you, how to manage and motivate a superstar staff, how to control inventory to make more money, and other critical skills that mean the difference between big time success… or failure.

Bob’s independent retail roots make him uniquely qualified to administer tough love. As a speaker, he’ll make them laugh and make them think, but he won’t let them off the hook. In the end, your audience will know the responsibility for their success rests squarely on their own shoulders. Plus they’ll get the tools, inspiration, and training they need to go home and make it happen.

After finding himself unable to consult with every retailer who wanted his expertise Bob decided to create a course so his vast expertise would be available to any retailer who wanted it.



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