Red Tea Detox Course Review (Liz Miller)

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Description: The Red Tea Detox program was developed by nutrition and fitness expert Liz Swann Miller.  Liz claims gaining weight negatively impacted her mindset, health, and marriage when she was younger, so she set out to find a way to improve her health.  Liz’s roundabout journey eventually led her to an Africa Shaman who introduced her to a potent red tea that naturally worked better than any fat loss drug on the market.  After meeting with this “Shaman” and trying the tea herself, Liz created a weight loss program called the Red Tea Detox.

While many may seem skeptical of some sort of “secret tea” Liz’s program allows anyone to recreate the tea from a few simple items that can be found in a grocery store.  This allows anyone to participate in the program, without spending hundreds of dollars on exotic ingredients.


While the Red Tea Detox Program is primarily a weight loss program, it is also intended to cleanse the liver and kidneys of toxins.  Throughout the course, you will be given a first-hand education on the various chemicals, hormones, and pollution that enters your body on a daily basis.


The Red Tea Detox Program is intended to “cleanse” your body of these impurities, and allow you to reset your immune system.  Weight loss is really just a byproduct of the cleanse.


In addition to the Red Tea Detox Program Liz also incorporates stress management into the program.  Liz explains how multiple studies have proven that increased stress leads to weight gain.  In order to ensure the Red Tea Detox is effective as possible Liz will lead you through several stress management exercises which will not only allow you to achieve greater mental clarity but also feel increased effects from the detox.


How Long Does The Red Tea Detox Program Last?

If followed correctly The Red Tea Detox Program should last 14 days.  It is not uncommon for participants who fully commit to the program to lose up to 1 pound per day.  It is extremely important to consult with your physician before attempting any diet or exercise routine.  Many doctors would advise against a program that causes you to drop over one pound of fat per day.  However, The Red Tea Detox System is specifically designed to inhibit the creation of new fat cells and force your body to begin burning fat instead of carbs for fuel.  You should never stay on the program for more than 14 days, however, it is acceptable to repeat the program up to once per month.

So What’s In This Tea?

“The Red Tea” is Liz’s own creation of antioxidants and fat burners intended to cleanse the body of any impurity that makes it more difficult to lose weight.  Liz explains that after meeting the Shaman she performed her own research in order to find the most effective and affordable combination of ingredients possible to cleanse “free radicals” from the body.  The five main components of the tea are the fat unlocker, fat cleanser, fat shrinker, hunger killer, and fat storage stopper.  These ingredients can all be picked up at your local grocery store for less than $30.  The tea is intended to be consumed three times a day with normal meals.

Is this a 2-Week Fast?

While Liz does not recommend a tea only fast for two weeks she does recommend cutting out certain foods for the duration of the program. While you will still be able to maintain a fairly normal diet Liz highly recommends cutting out several foods containing lots of “free radicals”.  This includes fried foods, eating foods with pesticides or hormones, smoking, and consuming to alcohol.   While it is important to cut these activities out of your system, Liz will encourage you to begin consuming foods that actively fight free radicals.  You can read more about free radicals here.


Are there Any Bonuses Besides The Tea Recipe?

In addition to Liz’s Red Tea Detox Recipe and exercise program, there are several bonuses available to help you accelerate your results. This includes the Red Smoothie recipe to help with cravings, the ultimate superfood guide to aid in combatting free radicals, Common Detox Methods of celebrities, and a weight loss course in hypnosis to help you commit to the program.  While these bonuses definitely add value they are by no means necessary to complete the program and lose 14 pounds in two weeks.



The Red Tea Detox is an extremely effective and cost sensible purchase.  The program has a track record of rapid results in thousands of students, and still offers the flexibility to eat basically anything you want while on the program.  Some people may experience slight discomfort when first starting the program, but this typically goes away within the first few days.  If you are an active individual looking to lose weight, but the idea of completely cutting out carbs or rapid diet changes is unattractive this program will be great for you.


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