Real Estate Investing Mastery (Joe McCall)

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Description: Real Estate Investing Mastery is a partnership program designed by real estate investing expert Joe Mccall to show others how to model Joe’s extremely successful blueprint in order to create their own real estate wholesaling and real estate business.  This program is much more than just a comprehensive program.  Successful admission means you will be partnering with Joe on his team in order to replicate his business model in a different city.  While admission into the program is expensive, industry knowledge is not required in order to participate in the program.

If accepted into the program Joe and his team will show you the step by step process they used in order to create their own 8-figure real estate wholesaling and leasing empire.  Joe’s vision is to expand his company into multiple cities using his optimized market research strategy and online marketing campaigns in order to become a market leader in any city.

In addition to Joe’s expertise and proven strategies you will have several large advantages many people do not get when starting out including immediate financing from Joe and his investor pool, customized CRM technology, and a support staff that will help you maintain a competitive edge in your region by data scraping on Zillow, and scripts for cold calling and direct mail.  Additionally, you will have access to Joe’s vast network of virtual assistants so you will most likely not need to hire any full-time employees.  This allows you to keep costs extremely low, scale quickly, and pay yourself first.

About The Creator

Joe McCall is a national speaker, coach, and lifelong real estate investor.  Joe also hosts the “Real Estate investing Mastery Podcast”  in his 20-year career Joe has led, created, and transformed multiple real estate companies into 7 &8 figure operations using ultra-lean scaling methods including internet marketing, raising private equity, and outsourcing in order to dramatically save on startup costs that normally take businesses several years to overcome.

A Day In The Life

After performing proper due diligence and market research joe and his team will help you create an action plan in order to begin making deals.  Although you will be checking in with Joe and his team multiple times a week you will be responsible for reviewing new seller leads and making sure you immediately make contact them.  This includes following up with sellers and building relationships for future deals.  You will also be responsible for creating and growing a network of cash buyers in order to maximize your potential deal flow.


Joe McCall’s partnership program is a proven strategy that can show any real estate wholesaling and leasing company how to scale quickly in almost any market.  Because this is a partnership there will need to be a significant upfront investment in order to participate in the program. While this may exclude many people starting out, it can be an extremely prudent investment for someone who is able to raise enough capital.  Because you and joe will be partners he will have a vested stake in your interest and will be

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