Power Efficiency Guide Course Review (Mark Edwards)

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Power Efficiency Guide

Power Efficiency Guide Course Review


Description: The Power Efficiency Guide is a comprehensive online tutorial designed to show anyone how they can create a power source of their own which will decrease the energy expenses of any home by at least 50%.  This course is designed to show how anyone can create a functional power source as the back or primary power source of their home without spending thousands of dollars on solar panels or lone generators that can break at a moments notice.  Whether you are looking to create your own power source in order to do your part for the environment, protect your family from the dangers of power outages, or simply save money the Power Efficiency Guide will show anyone regardless of experience how they can quickly and cheaply begin running their home through their own power sources while also reducing energy consumption.  
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About The Creator

This course was created by a former geography teacher named Mark Edwards.  Mark taught high school geography and lived in Memphis, Tennessee which is known for frequent power outages.  During a particularly nasty storm, the power in Mark’s house was known out for over three says which caused the temperature in his house to be in the low 50s.  Obviously, this experience was utterly miserable for Mark and his family so Mark began looking for ways to remove the electricity company from all of his billing statements.  This led Mark to experiment with dozens of potential energy sources to power his home with.  After experimenting, failing, and more experimenting Mark created The Power Efficiency Guide to show everyone how they could decrease their home’s energy consumption by over 50% and save thousands of dollars every year without having to rely on inconsistent utility companies.

What Is Included In The Course?

Many people think that creating your own power source is extremely complicated and requires an electrical engineering or mechanical background.  While others believe the only way to truly become energy independent is to fork over thousands of dollars for solar panels. This is both untrue and impractical if you do not get a lot of sun in your area.  However, the Power Efficiency Guide shows how everything you need to create your own power source can be found at your local department store.

The Power Efficiency Guide is based on the idea on energy flow similar to how electric cars operate.  This principle is called the “multiplication principle” which was developed by a man named Walter Russel. The multiplication principle explains how to compound energy in order to multiply it.  In this course, Mark Edwards uses this principle to explain how anyone can take a little bit of energy and multiply it in order to become completely energy efficient. You can read more about the multiplication principle here.

While this may sound complicated, definitely do not be discouraged or intimidated by this because Mark explains very simply so anyone can understand it.

Throughout the course, Mark details several different ways you can begin to generate power for your home.  This includes powering your home through water pumps, creating energy through magnets and even building your own generators for less than $40 at Walmart.

These techniques show anyone how they can create emergency backup power plans, create portable energy sources for camping or extended road trips, and even power all the appliances in your home.

The course is delivered in an e-book format which allows you to access the information as soon as you purchase the guide.  If you will not have regular access to a phone, tablet, or computer you will need to print out a little less than one hundred pages to have the Power Efficiency Guide Available offline.

Additionally, Mark includes several bonus features with The Power Efficiency Guide.  This includes a way to create a filtration system for dirty water and reducing other energy wasting activities most people do not even realize they are doing.


While reading other reviews on the internet may make the Power Efficiency Guide sound like it might be a scam, the course checks out.  Mark Edwards program clearly explains how everyone can drastically reduce their energy consumption and save money in the process.  However, the actual cost of implementing these systems largely depend upon the type of house you own and how much you want to power without using your electric company.  The materials can be $30-$40 for a few small water pumps or a few hundred dollars for a magnetic generator that powers most of your house.  The Power Efficiency Guide comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, so if you do not like the course you can always return it if it does not meet your expectations.


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