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Are you a coach, expert, teacher, author, or entrepreneur?  Do you have a valuable skill you want to be able to leverage in order to make passive income?  If so, you need to take a look at “Blog Mastermind” by Yaro Starak.  Yaro started a website about the card game “Magic” while he was in college.  After selling this site he began to focus on other ventures and found massive success by leveraging his personal brand through his blog.  Yaro’s blog details how he made millions using affiliate marketing, social media, podcasting, and blogs to build up his business.  Blog Mastermind shows the step by step process anyone can use to find an audience who shares their passion, and how to sell both digital and physical products to this audience without it feeling like spam mail.   Yaro’s proven process allows any beginner to create a successful blog with an extremely engaged audience that is more than willing to spend money on their interest.



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  • First-hand instruction on how to set up a blog with absolutely no coding experience
  • How to determine your target audience’s size and interest in your blog before you create it.
  • How to build a platform which will directly generate traffic to your already established business
  • How to create digital products on your blog that are guaranteed to convert



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Blog Mastermind Workshop Overview 


Module 1: Podcast Foundations

In this module, Yaro explains that you need to set goals for your podcast before you create them.  Yaro explains how to set realistic short and long-term goals in order to make sure you stay focused and do not give up.  After determining exactly what you want your podcast to achieve Yaro goes over the brief history of podcasting, why it became popular, and how it has evolved in recent years.  Yaro then shares the strategic purposes behind his podcast, and how he implements different processes to make sure he achieves his objectives.  After this Yaro shows how a good podcast can be started very cheaply and goes over the 80/20 rule for podcasting.  Yaro explains how many podcasters waste their time with superfluous activities and shares all the essential activities guaranteed to maximize your podcasting results.

  1. What exactly is a podcast and why did this technology take off in the first place
  2. How to refine the strategic purpose behind your podcast by really becoming clear about what you want it to do for your business
  3. What are the 80/20 elements of a successful podcast– or more simply, what are the one or two things you have to get right to win at podcasting
  4. The basic technical tools you need to start podcasting FAST
  5. How to host and publish your podcast using your blog

Module 2: Podcast Content 

In this module, Yaro breaks down the power of storytelling, and how he took his podcast from good to great.  Yaro explains how the podcast must bring value to everyone involved which includes you, your guests, and your listeners.  After going over the basic outline Yaro shows you how to you his proven and private process to get interesting guests on your podcast without having any name recognition or large following.  Yaro explains how you present your mission and idea for the podcast is much more important than the number of listeners.  Using Yaro’s proven process will allow you to get many guests your audience wants to listen to.

  1. The key outcomes you must work towards when producing every podcast interview
  2. Why the storytelling interview format is the best podcast formula and how to apply it to your podcast no matter what subject you focus on
  3. The 10 step process for creating a powerful storytelling interview that ensures your interview guest will open up and share things they have never shared on any other podcasts
  4. A key frame of mind you need to adopt during every podcast interview you create
  5. How to approach guests and convince them to come on your podcast

Module 3: Podcast Marketing 

After clarifying the mission and approach to your podcast you will need to know how to market it effectively to start growing an audience.  Many people believe if they put out good content their audience will just happen to find them.  Unfortunately, this is not true.  Many podcasters put out authentic content, but market incorrectly and believe podcasting is impossible.  Luckily, Yaro shows you how to navigate these potentially dangerous waters without losing sleep or wasting money.  Yaro has 5 different methods of gaining traffic, which he breaks down for you so you can choose the best methods for your podcast.  Yaro explains that relying on itunes or Spotify for traffic will always end badly and how to control your own destiny without spending inordinate amounts of time or money.  Lastly, Yaro also shares several of his custom podcast formats he uses whenever he is trying to increase traffic

  1. What are the five methods you can tap into to get traffic to your podcast
  2. Why you need to implement the “virtuous cycle” for podcasters if you want long-term stable growth
  3. How to NOT be dependent on iTunes for your podcast traffic growth by tapping into other powerful referral traffic sources
  4. Why ‘traffic’ is not the right goal if you actually want to make sales of products from your podcast
  5. How to tap into a special type of podcast format that can lead to exponential growth in less than a month


Module 4: Podcast Product

In this Module Yaro shows you how to begin monetizing your podcast.  This module is not about getting a sponsor or advertisements, but rather creating an audio product for your audience that they will purchase.  Yaro walks you through his journey with audio products, and how he has created multiple products that have generated over $10,000 in profit.  Yaro shows how you can include premium content in your audio product that cannot be found in your podcast.  Lastly, Yaro explains how to use pricing psychology to perfectly target your audience to get the best possible conversion rate on your new product.

  1. Three different options for charging money for podcast content, and what option I recommend you focus on
  2. How to deliver a product that is based on audio content
  3. Additional content you should include with a podcast product to add value and position your product as more than just a free podcast
  4. How much should you charge for a podcast product
  5. Plus I’ll show you exactly how I created my own podcast product, which has generated over $15,000 as I type this


Module 5: Podcast Action Plan 

Yaro provides an incredible amount of information in the first four modules, and many students feel overwhelmed after listening to it.  In module 5 Yaro gives you a mapped out 30-day action plan for your next steps to take.  Yaro breaks up what you need to do over the next 30 days so you accomplish multiple, necessary goals every day without feeling overwhelmed.  The student success rate is more than double for students who follow Yaro’s plan to the letter. Included in the action plan is how to structure your first interview and how to use your email list and existing business in order to quickly build and scale an audience while still keeping an engaged customer base.

  1. How to set the right goal so your action plan leads to the result you want
  2. I’ll push you to complete your first interview using the storytelling interview formula
  3. How to conduct a ‘Podcast Launch’ so you can make a big splash when you first publish your podcast (and attract a nice wave of subscribers)
  4. The power of combining an email list with your podcast from day one, so you enjoy long-term results from every podcast you create
  5. Plus answers to common questions like should you do video podcasts, how frequently should you publish your podcast and how long should a podcast be


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Special Bonuses

Bonus #1 Podcast Technology Solved 

  1. The best microphones for recording superior sound, without spending a fortune
  2. Which call recording software you need to record interviews
  3. Where to find podcast specific hosting to make sure your episodes are speedy and reliable downloads
  4. All the best (and free!) software and resources for publishing your podcast, from creating your blog, cover art, intro music, transcriptions and more!
  5. Plus services you can hire who will do all the technical jobs for you

Bonus #2 Rapid Podcast Launch Guide 

  • Choose a domain name and set up your blog to host your podcast
  • Record your first audio file, save it as an MP3, and add cover art ready for publishing as a podcast
  • Upload the MP3 to the internet so people can find it and download it
  • Submit your podcast to iTunes so you can expose it to millions of people
  • Create show notes, add a blog post picture and then share it with the world
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Yaro has private Facebook communities for all his students.  This platform allows students to discuss current techniques and tactics Yaro teaches, and how to apply them to various situations.  Yaro’s groups are also great networking opportunities for people looking to enter the podcasting, blogging, and internet marketing communities.

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About the Creator


Yaro Starak became interested in the internet right before the dot-com bubble burst.  When this happened many people wrote off the internet as a fad that had run its course.  However, the crash only made Yaro more interested in it.  Yaro decided to start a website about the card game “Magic.”  On the website, players could trade and buy cards.  Yaro essentially created “eBay” for this card game.  Although the store never made a lot of money Yaro was thrilled with the success and eventually sold it for $13,000.  Not bad for a full-time college student.  After this Yaro started Betteredit.com, which edited college applications for students who did not speak English as their primary language.  Yaro eventually took this site to over $100,000 profit a year by simply hiring more editors and advertising more. After selling BetterEdit.com for a six-figure exit Yaro decided to start a blog about his greatest passion, entrepreneurship.  Since then Yaro has created multiple information products designed to teach others how to generate passive income.  Yaro’s courses have over 3,000 students, and many of his students make more than him using his exact same methods.   



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