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Penny Stock Mastery

Penny Stock Mastery $597


Are you having trouble creating a successful blog or personal brand?  Are you confused why you are unable to monetize your blog or have it be as successful as you thought? Yaro Starak’s professional course Blog Money Finder shows you the step by step process he uses when determining whether or not a blog has the audience to be successful. Yaro currently operates another course called Blog Mastermind.  In this course, Yaro taught his students the step by step process he used to generate high six-figure income from one of his blogs.  While many of Yaro’s students created successful engaging blogs, there were some students who followed Yaro’s advice but eventually gave up because their blog could never attract a big enough audience.  Yaro decided to launch an investigation to determine what all his successful students had done that his unsuccessful students failed to accomplish.  This caused Yaro to create Blog Money Finder.  Blog Money Finder is a tool and series of steps which shows bloggers where the money is in their niche.  Yaro shows you personal research techniques he uses when researching blogs, and how to tell what this audience wants that no one is providing.



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  • A detailed explanation of current market regulations and how to set up your account.
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Penny Stock Mastery Overview


Module 1: Introduction 

In this module, Tony Ivanov talks about his journey to financial independence, and how he first became interested in becoming a day trader.  After this Tony breaks down some common stock trading terminology and programs you will need to use in order to fully utilize the course.

Module 2: How to Get Started Trading Penny Stocks 

In this module, Tony breaks down the basics of Penny Stock Trading and common mistakes most traders make when they are starting off.  Tony breaks down exactly how to set up your computer and trading account to ensure your trades are seamless and you do not waste any money on fees.  After this Tony begins to give in-depth explanations on…

  • The pros and cons of cash and margin accounts
  • The Pesky Day Trader rule and how to avoid it
  • Picking the right broker
  • Using EquityFeed
  • Stock Orders
  • Scaling your Account

Module 3: Understanding Technical Analysis  

In this module, Tony provides in-depth explanations of the various types of stock analysis you can do when picking out a portfolio.  Tony explains how to leverage continuation patterns and Reversal Chart Patterns to your advantage, without falling into common traps or red herrings from data that may look promising to the untrained eye.

Module 4: Basics of What Stocks to Trade 

In this module, Tony summarizes everything covered in the previous modules to make sure you are at an acceptable understanding level to proceed with the course.  After this Tony gives multiple examples of good stocks to trade and some of his secret metrics that help you achieve 2 to 3 times the average return a normal Penny Stock Trader makes.

Module 5: Advanced Technical Analysis

In this Module, Tony explains how to decipher moving averages, Bollinger Bands, and Stochastics.  Tony explains that these technical overlays are what cause most people to give up and claim that it is impossible to be a successful trader.  Tony provides in-depth explanations on how to not only understand but leverage this information to make trades no one else is bothering to pay attention to.

Module 6: Understanding A News Catalyst 

This module is all about the psychology of the stock market.  Tony explains that ultimately no matter how good a company is the price of the stock is what the public believes it to be.  While many traders are terrified of what a press release on a company might mean for the market Tony explains how this type of reporting is just par for the course.  Tony shows you how to set alerts for companies so you know the instant a story breaks about them.

Module 7: Fundamentals of OTC & NASDAQ Trading

In this module, Tony breaks down the differences between trading on the NASDAQ and trading over the counter.  While you can be successful on either platform Tony explains that both operate very differently, and the strategies you need to follow in order to be successful on both.

Module 8: my most Profitable Chart Patterns and Strategies 

In the final module, Tony shows you the specific patterns and strategies he is currently using.  Tony also talks about the methodology of building his account and gives his own personal opinion of how the market is trending and how he plans to leverage his account in both the long and short-term.

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As part of Penny Stock Mastery, you have access to Tony’s TradeBuddy Chatroom.  Tony uses this chat room as a way to communicate instantly with all his students.  Tony also regularly supplements his course with new breaking and cutting edge material on this platform.  TradeBuddy is also a great way to network with other day traders and entrepreneurs, and learn about current trends in the market.

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About the Creator


Tony Ivanov is a 21-year-old entrepreneur and Investing mentor.  After working long hours that barely paid him above minimum wage Tony decided to start looking for other ways to make supplemental income.  After spending hundreds of hours researching and trying out different trading methods with his own money Tony began to see a steady increase in his income until he began to build an incredibly substantial portfolio.  After teaching some of his friends the methods he used Tony decided to create a course so anyone could learn how to day trade without having to risk their own money up front.




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