Old School New Body Course Review (Steve Holman)

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Old School New Body


The older you get the harder it is to stay in “good shape.” Good shape is a completely subjective term, but the older you get the more work and effort you will need to put into your exercise and nutritional plans to say at your remaining fitness level. This is where Old School New Body comes in.  OSNB is a workout and nutritional system designed by Steve Holman, the chief editor of Iron Man Magazine.  Steve had always been in excellent shape but noticed he was unable to perform at previous levels as he got into his 50s.   While some of this was just due to getting older Steve began to research if there was a better way to workout.  When most people begin to look for ways to workout they begin adding lots of exercises, but Steve decided to try exactly the opposite and instead stripped his workout down to the bare bones to see what exercises actually produced the best results.  After much testing and refining his process both Steve and his wife Becky developed a program that made them look and feel 10 years younger.  The program they developed not only helped them get into much better physical shape but also helped to combat other ailments of aging such as arthritis, skin wrinkles, and a decreasing immune system.  Read below to find our full review of Old School New Body.

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The F4X Protocol

 The F4X Protocol is the workout program developed by Steve and Becky Holman in Old School New Body.  This workout system focuses on high-intensity muscle workouts.  Steve realized that there are typically two types of training people typically do in the gym.
Type #1: People who tend to lift light weights extremely frequently.  This type of training makes it hard to build any progress and after a few weeks, your progress stagnates.
Type #2: These are the type of people who lift weights that are too heavy.  These people typically slip into poor form after several reps and expose themselves to lots of unnecessary. 
After analyzing dozens of clients Steve realized the key to keeping a good workout plan when you are aging is progression.  Without constantly working towards a goal 99% of people will begin to regress and become much more injury prone.
The F4X Program details how you can expend the correct amount of energy so you do not overwork your body but are still able to progress and gain strength and functional movement. 

What Are The FX4 Workouts  Like?


The F4X workouts are all designed to give high muscle fatigue while limiting joint damage as much as possible.  Before getting into any workout plans Steve goes through the proper form for every exercise included in the e-book.  Steve also explains that the amount of rest people take in-between sets has a lot to do with your progress.  Depending on what area of your body you are exercising will depend on how much rest you should take.  Steve explains that taking the correct amount of rest in between sets is crucial to attaining maximum results.  This type of training is the best way to induce muscle fatigue which will allow you to get the best results possible.

F4X workouts are designed to train myofibrils and sarcoplasm (both types of muscle fibers).  As you age most people tend to rapidly regress in one of the above muscle groups unless they are actively pursuing a workout plan that keeps both in shape.


How Long Do The Workouts Take?

Before creating the Old School New Body workout program Steve spent over an hour in the gym every single day. However, as he began to notice his fitness level declining Steve actually started working out less in order to isolate the exercises and movements that actually produced results.  The course is designed to be followed three days a week for 30 minutes.  So in total, the course only takes 90 minutes per week.  Following the course exactly will likely mean you are exercising less than usual.

The majority of the course is based on resistance movements that are meant to produce muscle fatigue and improve your metabolism and decrease information.  Steve purposefully stays away from cardio because it is so hard on the joints.  By following a few basic nutritional protocols Steve suggests in the course you can begin losing weight rapidly through the resistance exercises which already promote cardiovascular health.

How Strict Is The Diet?

Steve does not include specific recipes you need to eat over and over again but rather includes a dos and don’ts list of foods you can eat.  Basically, Steve explains that you need to avoid all processed foods and refined grains such a bread, fried foods, and pasta.  By following this big rule with several others you can easily lose up to eight pounds a week when combined with the limited exercise.



Old School New Body is a great way for anyone with an injury history to get into shape.  The course is designed to not only burn fat but also build up muscle without damaging joints.  In many cases, people who have been struggling with weight loss will actually end up working out less and actually see better results.  This program also only costs $20 so it is an extremely low-risk investment and comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.


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