Note Investing Made Easier Course Review (Martin Saenz)

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Note Investing Made Easier

Note Investing Made Easier Course Review

Description:  Note investing made easier is an online course based on the bestselling book “Note Investing Made Easier: How to Buy & Profit From Distressed Homes”.  When Martin Saenz was fired from his corporate job he frantically began looking for other ways to support his family.  After working as an independent contractor for the government for several years Martin and his wife decided to invest in distressed properties (homes facing foreclosure) because they saw it as an incredibly underpriced asset.  After making millions of dollars purchasing distressed notes and reselling them for a profit Martin wrote the best selling book about his experience.  This course features multiple case studies from Martin’s personal portfolio and shows how anyone can make a full-time income from purchasing distressed notes.  The course is broken up into the following 5 modules.  
Module 1: Mortgage Note Sourcing
This module breaks down the action plan you will need to map out in order to make sure you are successful.  This module explains how you need to leverage social media in order to find potential properties that are much less competitive than anything you would find in the newspaper.  In addition, this module explains how to set up your business and the licenses you will need.
Module 2: Due Diligence
This module explains how to choose the mortgages you should pursue, the mortgages you should stay away from, and how to begin negotiating.  Martin explains his strategies for vetting out bad deals and explains the steps you need to take in order to ensure you are buying a distressed note you will be able to make money on.
Module 3: Workouts: Achieving the Exit Strategy 
This module explains how you need to have an exit strategy before purchasing a distressed note.  In this module, Martin covers the technical aspects of actually making money off of your investment.  This includes the collateral file receipt, loan servicing, and the borrower workout.  This module is extremely important because if you follow Martin’s process exactly you will not lose money.
Module 4: Portfolio Management 
This module explains how to keep your books and separate yourself from your company in order to negate you liability
Module 5: Case Studies 
This module breaks down 5 of Martin’s personal deals which take place in different parts of the country.  Martin breaks down exactly how he found the deals, vetted them out to ensure they would be profitable, created a contract that was guaranteed to work out in his favor, and finally sell the note and make a huge profit.
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