NLP Power Course Review (David Snyder)

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NLP Power

NLP Power Course Review

Description:  NLP Power is an online course designed to teach anyone how they can quickly learn and implement Neural Linguistic Programming in order to radically change their mindset, presentation style, and communication abilities. For those unfamiliar with the term, Neural Linguistic Programming is a type of psychotherapy designed to allow anyone to model the skills, abilities, patterns, and behaviors of exceptional individuals.  Perhaps the most famous NLP practitioner is Tony Robins who is widely considered to be one of the greatest speakers of this generation.  NLP Power is designed to teach anyone how they can use NLP in order to enhance almost any aspect of their lives.  This course was created by NLP expert and mixe3d martial artist David Synder.  This course focuses on the practical applications of the six stages of persuasion,  emotional control language patterns, and linking your behavior with any other human being.  While NLP may sound like a cult to those who first hear about it, the process has been refined over the last 50 years and has produced incredible results.  Even the most skeptical people will admit it is a fantastic public speaking course if nothing else.  If you are interested in the idea of Neuro-Linguistic Programming this course may be able to radically impact your life. 
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