Lean Belly Breakthrough Course Review (Bruce Krahn)

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Lean Belly Breakthrough


The Lean Belly Breakthrough is online dieting and exercise course developed by personal trainer, author, and speaker Bruce Krahn.  Bruce noticed many women in their late 40’s and early 50’s who followed strict diet and exercise regiments were all complaining that they were unable to lose the last 5-10 pounds of belly fat no matter what they tried.  All women were following very strict low carb diets and had an exercise regiment they followed 4-5 times a week, however, no matter what they tried they were unable to make the final push towards getting a “lean belly.” Many were also using a wide variety of supplements and weight loss pills to try and accelerate their results.
Bruce wanted to come up with a diet and exercise plan anyone could use to get a lean stomach without spending hundreds of dollars on “miracle supplements.”
Bruce began to measure stress and hormone levels of several women complaining they could not lose weight.  Bruce’s course focuses on diet and exercise but also stress management and hormone balance.  Stress Management and hormone balance are often neglected by many people starting out on diet plans but are extremely important when trying to finish the “last mile”.  This course shows you how to cross the last mile through a few minor tweaks to your daily routine.  Bruce claims he can help people solve the so-called “last mile” with a simple ritual they perform every day which typically only takes 2-3 minutes.  Bruce claims this ritual allowed his father in law to lose 39 pounds of fat and ultimately forego open heart surgery.
Throughout the course, Bruce makes a variety of claims which seem too good to be true, and in many cases they are.  Read below to find out what is actually contained in Lean Belly Break Through
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What Is Included In The Course?

Lean-Belly Break Through is delivered in an e-book format so you can immediately download and absorb the information as soon as you purchase it.  However, this does mean you will not receive a physical copy, so if you only infrequently have access to a smartphone or computer this may be a problem for you.  The course is broken apart into the following sections.

  • A list of foods that specifically help to fight body fat
  • A list of foods that are prone to cause cardiovascular disease
  • Practical cheat meals that mitigate damage for people with blood sugar problems such as diabetes
  • A detailed guide on how to measure your own cardiovascular health
  • Dr. Heinrick’s personal guidebook on how to burn fat in specific regions of the body
  • An introduction to herbs and hormones.  (This section gives great advice on spices that raise and lower certain hormone systems in your body, which can help you burn or store fat more easily)
  • An introduction into the human metabolism and how you can “hack” it while you are sleeping
  • How to trick your body into burning more fat
  • Tracking Journal which allows you to monitor your progress, BMI index, and much more
  • A bonus list of foods that boost libido


Is It Possible to Lose Only Belly Fat?

Throughout the course, Bruce constantly suggests he can not only teach people how to “burn fat”, but also show them how to “burn fat” in particular body regions.  Most health professionals believe this claim to be fundamentally untrue.  The only way to “burn fat” is to be at a caloric deficit for a prolonged period of time.  You can read more about how “foods that burn fat” really do not exist here.

It is also fundamentally untrue that you can “burn fat” in certain regions of the body faster than others.  Your body is pretty good about regulating the distribution of energy from all parts of the body.  You can build up muscle in certain parts of the body, but your body regulates its own fat distribution to keep your whole body regulated. Lean-Belly Breakthrough will allow you to tone your stomach if you commit to the program, but not at the expense of other parts of your body.

Is Lean Belly Breakthrough A Crash Diet?

A “crash diet” is simply defined as an unhealthy way to lose weight quickly, which in turn causes a host of negative side effects.  Physicians generally state that healthy dieting should not require a person to lose more than 2 pounds per week, although the actual “healthy number” depends a lot on size, weight, and previous activity level of the dieter.

The Lean Belly Breakthrough is definitely not a crash diet because Bruce does not enforce strict calorie limits or excessive exercise.  He simply has foods he recommends you consume more of and foods he recommends you cut out of your diet.

Will Lean Belly Breakthrough Give Me Actual Results?

Although Bruce does make several wild claims about his course he actually does provide sound information on dieting and a few helpful exercises.  By following Bruce’s advice most people will see weight loss in the long term.  However, the information contained in the book will allow people to drop 40+ pounds in the first month.  That type of dieting would be extremely unsafe and unhealthy for almost anyone.  If you follow Lean Belly Breakthrough for several months you should see substantial weight loss and real results



The Lean Belly Breakthrough is a great way to get started if you are serious about losing weight.  Bruce provides lots of information about human metabolism, and how you can keep it functioning in your favor even as you get older.  However, Bruce makes several claims in the sales page about the staggering results most people see.  Our analysis of Lean Belly Breakthrough believes many of his bold claims are exaggerations.  The course is only $27 so in many regards you will get what you pay for.  Bruce provides good advice and a roadmap for many people to lose weight but do not expect to wake up with a six pack after one day of his 2-minute exercise program.


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