Introverted Alpha: How To Become A Benevolent Badass (Sarah Jones)

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Introverted Alpha

Introverted Alpha: How To Become a Benevolent Badass $3800


Do you consider yourself an introvert?  When it comes to dating are you incredibly shy and unable to tell people how you feel.  Do you feel like the only place you can go to meet women is a bar even though the bar scene is not for you?  Sarah Jones is a certified dating coach who has helped hundreds of introverted men build up the self-confidence and persona to get any girl they want.  This is designed to keep “nice guys” from finishing last.  This course shows you how being a nice guy will actually allow you to leverage yourself into the top 1% of available men in the dating pool.  This course was created by Sarah Jones after watching so many “nice guys” struggle with relationships.  Sarah has been a professional dating coach for over 6 years and has traveled all over the world helping shy guys gain the confidence and self-awareness to completely change their lives.  Sarah’s course has been featured in Buiness Insider,, and Entrepreneur on Fire.  If you believe this course may help you please read the below description for a more in-depth view of the modules.



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  • Weekly or Bi-weekly coaching calls with Sarah
  • How to meet interested available women outside of bars and clubs
  • Learn how to make your “vibe” work for you
  • Proof that social interaction is a skill that can be dramatically improved just like working out
  • How to make yourself uniquely attractive



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How to Become a Benevolent Badass Course Overview


Module 1: Embody The Vibe (self-actualizing into a deeper version of “good man” and a “real man” while staying 100% true to yourself at your core)

Module 2: Understand Your Sphere of Influence (what is inside your control versus outside, how to shift the things that are and come to peace with what isn’t)


Module 3: Shift Out of Old Patterns (what behaviors are you doing by default that don’t fit in with who you are now, upleveling those intentionally one-by-one)

Module 4: Define What BB Means for You (what does your Benevolent Badass life look like in each facet: career, home, presentation, social, travel, hobbies, etc)

Module 5: Feel Relaxed and at Ease Socially (allowing yourself an open, deliberate, yet fluid stance in your body and mind even in intense moments)

Module 6: Be Playful as a Way of Life (how to “flirt” with everyone and delight yourself and others with fresh originality, creativity, and humor)


Module 7: Shine at Work Among Coworkers and Influencers (being the “life of the office” even while quietly doing your thing, becoming more trusted and sought after by colleagues)


Module 8: Resolve Conflicts with Grace (dealing with conflicting views and desires, being a liberated leader in difficult family and work situations)

Module 9: Uncover Your Social Leadership Strengths (identifying your existing strengths and traits, seeing how to use those artfully and benevolently)

Module 10: Establish What You Want Socially (what do you want your your social life to look like day-to-day and over time, clarifying your vision)

Module 11: Engage People to New Levels of Closeness (introductions, making new friends, deepening existing friendships, nuances of all this)

Module 12: Nestle People Where You Want Them (keeping the level of closeness/distance you want without being needy or rude)



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Special Bonuses

  1. As a member of the course, you are entitled to 1-1 coaching calls with Sarah.  The duration and frequency of the calls will depend on the package you choose.
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About the Creator


Sarah Jones used to have a very mediocre dating life.  However, after taking classes to get a professional coaching classification Sarah noticed a massive change in the quality of her dating life.  Sarah was attracting a totally different type of guy.  She stopped going out to bars and clubs altogether because she realized those were not the type of guys she wanted to date.  Sarah began to coach some of her introverted male friends to see if she could improve their results.  After drastically changing the dating lives and confidence levels of her friends Sarah decided to build a course to allow any introverted guy to build up confidence and get the girl of his dreams.


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