Internet Lifestyle Academy Course Review (Mike Vestil)

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Internet LifeStyle Academy

Internet Lifestyle Academy $497


Internet Lifestyle Academy is an online course designed to give you multiple ways to make money online.  Internet Lifestyle Academy is technically 3 courses rolled into one. Course creator Mike Vestil has detailed 3 separate ways he makes money online.  The course is broken into the 3 following “courses”

  1. Drop Shipping Through Aliexpress
  2. Drop Shipping From U.S. Suppliers
  3. Passive Income A.K.A. Affiliate Marketing

For someone who has never tried to start a business online, this course gives an extremely good overview of the current landscape, and how you can make money in a variety of ways.  However, because of the breadth it gives all three courses are more basic than alternatives you could find elsewhere. You can find a more complete breakdown of all the modules and courses in Internet Lifestyle Academy below.  While the courses are rather basic when it comes to detailing the business models Mike gives lots of insight on different advertising techniques.  This includes Facebook, Instagram, Google, Blogging, Youtube, and Snap Chat.



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Fixed: $497

Pricing model: One-time payment

Refund Policy: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Pros and cons


  • A-Z Walkthrough on how to set up 3 distinct business models 
  • Complete Google Ad Words Tutorial
  • Complete Facebook and Instagram Advertising strategy
  • Step by Step process on how to create a blog or vlog and gain traction
  • Basic web design tutorials



  • None Reported
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Course Modules

Course #1: Drop Shipping Using Alibaba 

  • In the first “course” Mike explains how to Drop Ship products through Alibaba using Shopify. Mike gives a general overview on how to pick a winning niche and product selection.   After this Mike shows a few ways to spy on competitor stores using Shopify and Google to find the best selling products in your niche.  Mike also shows you the basics of setting up a Shopify store.
  • After this Mike spends about two hours explaining how to correctly set up a Facebook Pixel in your Shopify store and how to set up your Facebook business account so you can begin to run advertising.  After this Mike explains the differences between Instagram and Facebook, and how you need to create separate advertisements for each platform.
  • The Final module in this course details everything you need to know about Instagram ads.  Mike explains how your storytelling approach needs to differ with these ads, and how to create content that will get your site organic traffic.  Mike shows how building a brand is extremely important on Instagram, and how you need to publish relevant content to make your ads perform well.  Lastly, Mike explains how to contact influencers, and figure out which ones are worth spending money on.

Course #2: Drop Shipping Using U.S. Suppliers 

  • This is by far the shortest course in the Internet Lifestyle Academy package.  Mike explains how you can create a store of branded products if Drop Shipping through Aliexpress does not appeal to you.  The two main advantages to this business model is quicker shipping and more brand name recognition.  However, Drop Shipping through Aliexpress leaves you with considerably higher margins.  Also, it is extremely difficult to Drop Ship with U.S. supplier if you are not  United States citizen.
  • This second part of this course focuses on Google Adwords.  Mike explains how to set up various campaigns and bid for specific keywords. Mike also gives a brief overview on how to optimize your site for SEO as you are first starting out.

Course #3 Generating Passive Income

  • The final course details how to build “passive-income”.  Mike using this section to explain how to create blogs, vlogs, and podcasts in order to build your brand and promote programs and products that will pay you a commission if you promote them.  Mike explains several different ways to start affiliate marketing but does not go super in-depth on any of them.
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    Mike has a private Facebook group for all members of Internet Marketing Lifestyle.  This community is a great way to get more in-depth explanations and feedback from students who are currently using one of the three business models detailed by the course.
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About the Creator

Mike Vestil is an internet marketing entrepreneur and author of The Lazy Man’s Guide to Living the Good Life.  Mike is a continuous tester when it comes to internet marketing and has started over a dozen businesses.  While over half of these have failed Mike has massively scaled several.  Mike created Internet Lifestyle Academy in order to mentor others of the successful models he has found.

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