Instagram Domination Course Review (Foundr)

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Instagram Domination

Instagram Domination Course Review

Description:  Instagram Domination is an online video tutorial, which shows the exact process Foundr Magazine
used to gain over 1,000,000 followers on Instagram.  Before stepping on to the Instagram scene Foundr had very little success with SEO, Paid Search, or Ad Words.  Using Instagram allowed Foundr to build massive email lists, get their content in front of audiences for free, and build a following on a platform optimized for conversions. The course is broken into the following six modules:
Module 1: Getting Started
This module explains the basics of Instagram, and key factors to make sure you begin growing your brand as soon as create your account.  This includes showing you how to find influencers in your niche and renting data from popular pages whose audiences you wan to see your content and get exposed to your brand.
Module 2: Content Strategy
This module is all about creating content, which is translated to value your page can bring to other pages.  This includes finding free images you can use legally, free photo editing software you can use to edit photos, and how to get popular pages to share your content.  Creating great content is not hard, it just takes a systematic approach to see what your market is craving.  Finally, Nathan will show you strategies like Follow/Unfollow and the Unicorn strategy in order to massively grow your page.
Module 3: Growth Hacks
This module is all about growing your page once you have created a good base of content.  This includes outthinking competitors instead of just increasing ad spend, using hashtags to get in front thousands of people, using data to find your target customer, and building relationships with other pages to increase your brand’s profile and overall value.
Module4: Shoutouts 
This module shows you how to get other pages to give you free shoutouts, calculate the monetary value of a shoutout from any Instagram account using the “Share 4 Share method” to bring value to other sites, and track you pages growth compared to competitors.
Module 5: Analytics 
This module shows you how to optimize every component of your Instagram page.  While analytics do not seem incredibly interesting to most people it is crucial to see the data surrounding your page.  Using a few easy to calculate methods will show you when to post, how frequently to post, the types of posts that get the most engagement, and much more.  If you are serious about growing your brand on Instagram this module is essential.
Module 6: Ads
Instagram ads are incredibly underpriced. However, it is still very easy to lose money if you do not know how to control ad spend and target correctly.  This module shows you exactly how to begin targeting and use lookalike audiences to explode your brand’s reach.
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