How To Make $1000+ Per Month Selling on Amazon Course Review (Ryan Grant)

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How To Make $1000+ Per Month Selling on Amazon

How To Make $1000+ Per Month Selling on Amazon $375


How to Make $1000+ Per Month Selling on Amazon teaches a much different style of Amazon Selling than most people are familiar with.  This method of selling is called retail arbitrage.  Retail arbitrage is the process of buying a currently existing product at a discounted rate and selling it for more on Amazon.  This course is taught by entrepreneur Ryan Grant, whose e-commerce stores generated over $3.5 million in revenue in 2017.  In this course, Ryan shows how anyone can buy well-known products at their local Walmart, and make a profit on them by selling through Amazon’s FBA program.  While this may not be the most high profile method of selling Ryan shows how this method is much safer than private labeling a product and hoping it sells.



Fixed: $375

Pricing model: One-time payment

Free Trial: None Available

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Recommended Startup Money: $500

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  • Continually updated to provide current information
  • Lifetime access to the course and all updates
  • Comprehensive analysis of Amazon’s current Sales Tax Policies
  • Instruction on how to price Used Items
  • Lower cost to entry than Private Labeling



Does Not Include

  • None Reported


How To Make $1000+ Per Month Selling on Amazon Course Modules


Module 1: Welcome and Thank You!

  • Welcome Video (3:05)
  •  Preview
  • My Experience Selling on Amazon (4:51)
  • What are your goals? (4:01)

Module 2: Getting Started

In this module, Ryan breaks down how to properly set up your business and helps explain which type of Amazon account you need to sign up for.  After this Ryan breaks down how you will pay fees to Amazon whenever you sell an item.  It is extremely important to calculate these fees before purchasing an item to make sure the ROI still makes sense.  After this Ryan will walk you through the technicalities of setting up a business checking account and credit card so you can legally separate yourself from your business.

  • Do you need a business entity to sell on Amazon? (6:50)
  • Setting up an individual vs professional selling account (3:02)
  • Walkthrough of how to set up your Amazon Seller Account (8:56)
  • Installing & setting up the Amazon Seller App (2:59)
  • Understanding the fees when selling on Amazon (15:35)
  • Acronyms and understanding selling on Amazon “lingo” (4:00)
  • Setting up a separate bank account & credit card

Module 3: Understanding What Inventory to Purchase to Sell on Amazon

In this module, Ryan breaks down what Sales Rank is on Amazon, and how to use this statistic to determine how fast a product is selling.  After this Ryan will go over how to calculate your Return on Investment and other criteria to look for when purchasing items.  Ryan explains what he is looking for when he purchases items and why you need to have a process in place for buying products when you go to the store.

  • Understanding Sales Rank: What it is? and how it works? (7:31)
  • Understanding Return on Investment: What it is? and how to calculate? (2:40)
  • Determining Your Buying Guidelines & The Buying Guidelines I recommend (7:49)
  • Verified Purchase Reviews – What they are and why they matter (6:04)
  • How Many of each item should you purchase? (3:45)


Module 4: Retail Arbitrage  

In this module, Ryan breaks down the differences of selling in different categories and explains the differences between gated and ungated categories.  After this Ryan explains the free way to analyze products on your seller app as well as how to use an app called Scoutify to perform deeper research when scouting products.  Ryan also discusses the best stores to start out doing retail arbitrage in as well as how to prepare items for shipping according to Amazon’s standards.

  • Understanding category restrictions & which categories to sell in (5:23)
  • Evaluating products with the Amazon Seller App (11:08)
  • Evaluating Products with Scoutify (6:11)
  • How to approach a new store when doing retail arbitrage (13:13)
  • Best types of stores for retail arbitrage (6:03)
  • Product Condition Guidelines – what can be listed as new and what can’t (5:08)
  • Sourcing items with a sales rank and no offers (2:42)
  • Items with “no product found” shown on scanning app (3:24)
  • Workflow of Retail Arbitrage – From in the store to boxes shipped out (7:18)
  • How to get approved to sell additional products & dealing with product restrictions (8:39)


Module 5: Pricing Your Items When Selling on Amazon 

In this module, Ryan explains how pricing works on Amazon, the buy box, and how to price your item depending on your competition.  Sometimes you will be the only person selling your item.  Sometimes you will be competing against multiple sellers, including Amazon. Ryan shows you how to navigate these tricky waters without having to tremendously lower your price.

  • Introduction to Pricing Strategies & The Buy Box (13:55)
  • Pricing Items with no competition on Amazon (7:56)
  • Pricing with no FBA Competition (5:11)
  • Pricing with lots of sellers on the same listing (4:52)
  • Pricing used textbooks & used media (7:37)
  • Pricing your item when the buy box is suppressed (4:49)
  • Pricing Against Amazon (5:59)
  • When is it time to lower your price or sell an item at a loss? (8:32)
  • Pricing Section Wrap Up (4:17)

Module 6: Listing Your Inventory on Amazon 

In this module, Ryan explains how to prepare items for shipment and how to create a shipping plan on Amazon.  Ryan goes over what you need to buy in order to be able to ship out your products to Amazon’s fulfillment center.

  • Listing your Inventory for Sale on Amazon
  • Listing your inventory for sale on Amazon & Creating an FBA Shipment (19:29)
  • What supplies do you need to ship items to Amazon?

Module 7: Managing Your Seller Account/ Seller Tips

In this module, Ryan explains how to view and keep up with your orders so you know how much you are selling, and when to replenish inventory.  Ryan also discusses how to optimize poorly constructed listings and best practices when dealing with stranded inventory.

  • How to View Orders When they Come in (2:30)
  • How to identify and fix listings “stranded inventory” (8:21)

Module 8: Handling Sales Tax

In this module Ryan breaks down how sales tax works in the e-commerce world.  Ryan also shows you how to set up your Sales Tax ID and set your account up so Amazon collects sales tax for you, and you never have to worry about it.

  • Handling Sales Tax as an FBA Seller (17:06)
  • Registering for a sales tax id (3:03)
  • How to set up having Amazon collect sales tax for you (4:32)


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Special Bonuses

In addition to the regular course Modules Ryan has included a list of “Bonus Sections”.  This sections includes many tips and tricks Ryan has learned over the years in order to ensure he is maximizing his potential profit.  In this section, Ryan goes in depth on how to get the past pricing history of products you want to sell, the important things you need to make sure you are doing when you first start out, and basic accounting principles.  After this Ryan also gives in-depth explanations on how to stay up to date with the course and deal with Amazon’s customer support.

Bonus Section

  • Introduction to and (12:51)
  • What does a 40 hour work week look like when getting started in this business? (7:19)
  • Accounting Basics for your Amazon FBA Business (8:12)
  • Purchasing Tax Exempt / Saving the cost of sales tax on items that are bought for resale (7:14)
  • Setup UPS Smart Pickup
  • How to Setup Sponsored Product Ads for items you are selling on Amazon (5:42)
  • How to find the number of items in each category on Amazon? (2:09)
  • Tracking Course Updates
  • What to do in a store with poor cell reception? (2:40)
  • How to Contact & Communicate with Amazon Seller Support (6:05)
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About the Creator


Ryan Grant has been selling on Amazon since 2008.  After trying to sell his books back to his local book store and being offered a fraction of what he paid Ryan started to look for alternative ways to sell his books.  Ryan ended up selling his books through Amazon’s FBA program and recouped much more of his investment than the book store was willing to offer.  After he graduated Ryan began working as an accountant but still sold clearance items deaprtment stores on Amazon as a side business.  After working as an accountant for a few months Ryan knew that he wanted to move into e-commerce full time.  When Ryan finally decided to go all in on his business, he also started a blog called the Online Selling Experiment.  On this blog Ryan chronicled how his Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and businesses were performing and various successes and failures he was having along the way.  Ryan now has a team of 10 full-time employees and also offers consulting to other companies.  After watching his and others success Ryan decided to start a course so he could teach others what he had learned in retail arbitrage.


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