His Secret Obsession Course Review (James Bauer)

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His Secret Obsession Course Review 


His Secret Obsession is an all-encompassing guide for women to learn more about building lasting, sustainable relationships.  His Secret Obsession is designed to transfer the foundational principles of seduction to relationships.  This course is intended for any woman who is looking to get a greater commitment or simply attract men who are looking for more serious relationships.  This course also teaches any woman several simple steps and tricks she can use in order to strengthen a relationship she is currently in.

His Secret Obsession was created by Dating Coach and author James Bauer.  Before creating this dating course James wrote What Men Secretly Want.   As a dating coach for women James help break down the specific psychological principles men frequently rely upon, and explains how women cannot only accurately interpret these specific cues but also use the same principles on potential partners, significant other, and even spouses in order to increase devotion.

Throughout this course, James explains how commitment and devotion are extremely similar to basic human needs such as hunger, thirst, and lust.  Throughout this course, James will teach any woman how she can use proven psychological principles in order to exploit these primal feelings and create a lasting committed relationship with  someone who may have previously been described as having “commitment issues”

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About The Author 

James Bauer is a Dating & Relationship coaching who focuses on helping women open up communication with men.  James’ unique skillset and clientele base give him a much different perspective than most dating coaches. For almost two decades James has coached thousands of women on how to build better relationships by teaching them how men’s minds work differently from their own.  Using basic psychological techniques James James helps women break down the secret communication barrier that has been plaguing relationships for centuries.

Who Should Purchase His Secret Obsession?

His Secret Obsession can be utilized in a variety of ways however the core purpose of the program has never changed. This core principle is, “To Show Women How To Create Better Relationships.”  If you believe your relationship is on the rocks or you cannot get a guy to commit, this course shows you how to immediately implement actionable advice to turn the tables in your own favor. This course also gives extremely practical advice on how to ask a guy out or simply provide that extra “spark” a long-term relationship has been missing for a while.  Whatever your main motivation is, the course promises to show you how to create better, long-lasting, and meaningful relationships for yourself or you can have your money back and keep the course.

His Secret Obsession Secret Techniques

Throughout the course, James will detail dozens of effective psychological methods any woman can use in order to strengthen her relationship with her partner.  James’ program leaves nothing to the imagination and provides clear, actionable advice over the course of 17 Modules.  These modules detail the various signals, techniques, and emotional cues men often exhibit when they want space, are looking for a stronger commitment, or are unsure of what they want. Below you can see the various 17 modules James covers in His Secret Obsession

Module 1: The Secret Longing of Every Man

Module 2: The Unspoken Desire He’ll Never Admit

Module 3: Make Him See The Light

Module 4: The Fascination Trigger

Module 5: Why Men Say ” I’m just Not Ready”

Module 6: How Your Desires Can Fascinate Him

Module 7: The Secret Currency of Happy Relationships

Module 8: Rocket Fuel: How To Buil Relationship Momentum Fast

Module 9: How To Become His Secret Obsession

Module 10: Get Deeper Intimacy By Revealing More

Module 11: Three Things That Can Go Wrong (And How To Fix Them)

Module 12: “The Private Island” Signal

Module 13: The “X-Ray Question”

Module 14: The Glimpse Phrase

Module 15: The Secret Currency of Happy Relationships (Revisited)

Module 16: The “I Owe You Signal”

Module 17: The Damsel in Distress

In addition to the following modules, James also includes several bonuses at no extra cost.  These include guides to writing text messages, learning how to keep a guy guessing without trying, and much more.

After the completion of this course, you will be armed with the knowledge, confidence, and tools to craft the relationship of your dreams with any guy you want.

What Happens After I Finish The Course?

As James explains in the course there are many different tactics you can try depending on your own personal situation after finishing the course.  This includes introducing yourself to someone you have a crush on, improving a rocky relationship, or just reigniting the flame with a long-term partner or spouse.  The principles detailed in this course will be able to serve you in all future relationships even if they do not start until years from now.  The entire point of James’ course is that you have actionable advice you can immediately deploy in your current relationship.


His Secret Obsession gives a unique insight into how to troubleshoot a wide array of relationships going south. James program has been used by thousands of students, but the “success”  of the program seems extremely subjective based on the wide variety of different types of relationships.  While this course does provide many ways you can keep a relationship going, it really does not touch on how to determine whether or not a relationship needs to end.  Because of this many of the women who go through this program spend months or years of their life trying to optimize a relationship that will never work out.

His Secret Obsession gives great insight into the male mind for a relatively cheap price.  If you find the modules interesting the $47 purchase is minimal compared to several methods you could use to improve your future or current relationships.  The course also offers a full money back guarantee for up to 60 days after you purchase the course, so if you do not find the information valuable you can always return it and get your money back.


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