Gaming Jobs Online Course Review

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Gaming Jobs Online Course Review


Getting paid to play video games sounds like every kid’s dream growing up.  The fact of the matter is that e-sports, or competitive gaming, is an exploding billion dollar industry, and thousands of people are being paid to compete, test, and provide beta testing services for the gaming industry.

The problem is many people believe they need to be one of the best players in the world to have any chance of winning money or getting a scholarship to play video games.  Gaming Jobs Online explains that expert skill level is not needed in order to make a full-time income playing video games, and that by testing video games for companies you could make more than just about anyone with a four-year degree. Gaming Jobs Online is a program that will show anyone how they can make a full-time income by testing video games for companies like Sony, EA, Warner Brothers, and many more.


  • Price: $27
  • Pricing model: Monthly Payment
  • Refund Policy: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

The Sales Page

When initially looking at the sales page for Gaming Jobs Online it seems like the program could be a scam.  While it initially talks about making money playing video games it then claims you can make up to $75 just for taking surveys.  Getting paid to take surveys and playing video games are totally different things, and quite frankly getting paid to take surveys is usually pays in cents, not dollars.

After this, the sales page begins to talk about being paid $150 an hour for taking part in focus groups.  However, focus groups typically only pay you for when you meet with the focus group, so playing a video game for 20-30 would unquestionably be an unpaid activity, while meeting up and answering questions for an hour is all you would really be paid for.  The initial sales pitch for purchasing the program is to be a video game tester, but the farther in you go the less clear it becomes how Gaming Jobs Online actually “teaches” you to make money.

On the sales page Gaming Jobs Online also claims to have various “partnerships” with companies like EA, Apple, Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, and many others.  However, “partnership” is an extremely loosely defined term, and they fail to elaborate on what a “propriety partnership” actually means.

Lastly, they post several endorsements on the front of their website from a company called “Shoot ’em Up Gaming Magazine.”  For a company that supposedly has partnerships with Apple and EA it seems like they could have received a shoutout from another magazine.

What Are Video Game Testers Actually Paid For?

Playing video games for fun, and testing them for a multimillion-dollar company are two completely different things.  When testing video games, testers are constantly looking for tiny errors they can report to the gamemaster. Most of the time a company will hire dozens of testers and pay each one to play a small part of a game over and over again to try and expose any flaws in the program.  In addition, many of the games you test are extremely buggy and in very early stages.

However, there are several perks to being a gaming tester.  Because you are a freelancer you can pick the games and companies you want to work with.  In order to break into this industry, you will most likely need to start off in a part-time role.  Testing companies typically look for as much experience as possible, especially when it comes to the higher paying jobs.

What Does The Pay Structure Look Like?

The pay scale and structure for a game tester depend on a lot on experience, location, and offering jobs.  In 2018 the average game tester made an average of $33 an hour with some making as low as $9 an hour and others making up to $70 an hour.  This difference in pay structure shows that the “skillsets” of testers vary greatly and that companies will pay top dollar for premium testers.  The question is how do you develop this skill set.  Gaming Jobs online believes they have found the solution.

What Happens When I Pay For Gaming Jobs Online?

Gaming Jobs Online is not a typical course, you can think of it as more of an exclusive job board.  The program is a subscription fee, so you must pay $27 a month in order to stay in the group and look at all of the new job postings.  However, you can just pay $1 for the first week to get unrestricted access to the program (If you are seriously interested in making revenue from game testing we highly recommend you do this just so you can see what is offered for yourself.)

Once you are inside the member’s area there are hundreds of links to different jobs offers and testing groups in the video game industry.  Therefore Gaming Jobs Online is not a complete scam, but it greatly exaggerates the potential earnings.  At the time of this post, most of these surveys had payouts of less than $10 and at least 20% of them required you to attend an in-person focus group test which could literally be anywhere in the country.

Is there Anything Useful In This Course?

While most of the site does seem like a bust, there is a lot of value in some online web modules which explain how to create a video game-centric website.  The modules explain basic web design, driving unique traffic, and gives multiple examples of websites pulling in over $1000 a month through organic traffic.  These videos are extremely helpful but is more targeted towards web designers and internet marketers than video game testers.


Gaming Jobs Online is a very low-quality program.  In most regards, you will get what you pay for.  The idea that the program is also a subscription service is a joke.  However, if you really do want to make a full-time income from video game testing it might not be a bad idea to sign up for a week and check out the job boards.  It only costs a dollar and you could easily make that back in less than an hour from any of the online sureveys on the site.



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