Figure 8 Fitness Course Review (Janna Kunitz)

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Figure 8 Fitness is an 8 week home workout routine developed by Latin Dance Sport World Medalist Jaana Kunitz.  Jaana’s eight-week program is designed to take the principles and fun from different Latin dance routines in order to strengthen and tone the entire body. Jaana’s personal dance routine is designed to help anyone lose weight in a fun and fast way, while also prioritizing core strength and fat loss.

Jaana created figure 8 fitness for people who typically do not enjoy working out or going to the gym  This program uses dance moves and music to make you feel like you are playing a game rather than exercising.  The materials needed in order to adequately complete the program are very minimal, and the program can be performed in nearly any bedroom, hotel room, or other small space.   

The program focuses on three distinct hip movements called sways, rolls, and tucks.  Each one of these movements is meant to strengthen and tone the core while also protecting against injuries.  


Figure 8 Fitness can be obtained for $47 dollars and comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.


Figure 8 Fitness is divided into three separate phases depending on the fitness level you are starting out from.  It is recommended you spend at least several workouts on each phase even if you are beginning at a high fitness level.  It is extremely important to build the proper foundation and technique before attempting to progress to the next phase. By spending several days accumulating yourself to each phase you greatly reduce your chance of injury and will ensure you get more out of your future workouts.  Each workout is designed to take half an hour so you never have an excuse to get out of working out!

Phase I: Learn

Phase I is dedicated to make sure you have a foundation of the three foundational moves of Figure 8 Fitness. While you can still get a great workout in throughout this phase its primary purpose is educational.  Understanding this phase is essential before moving on to phase II or III. The three foundational moves are sways, rolls, and tucks. These three movements all train different segments of the abdominal regions. It is essential you are able to properly perform all three movements individually before attempting to transition from one to another.  Hip sways help train the abdominal muscles and ensure you keep your waistline trim.

Hip tucks (Also called tucked pelvis) are designed to lengthen out the hip flexors, and firm up the Rectus Abdominis commonly referred to as “6-pack” muscles.  

Hip Rolls are intended to lengthen the abdominal muscles and surrounding areas.  This will keep the muscles lean and toned and will help you to avoid the “bulky look.”


Phase II: Burn

Phase II incorporates a cardiovascular element into the program.  Jaana injects cardio into the program by borrowing from various dance music genres such as salsa, samba, doble, rumba, and paso.  The movements from these various disciplines will keep your heart rate up throughout the entire workout. By keeping your heart rate elevated throughout the entire workout you will help to accelerate your metabolism and work up a sweat.

This phase is much more challenging than Phase I.  Incorporating fast-paced dance moves can make it difficult to keep the proper form.  Jaana explains that you should never go faster if you begin to use poor form in order to compensate for speed.  The program can always be paused, or you can rewind it. It is important to first master the form before trying to keep pace with professional dancers demonstrating how to execute competition ready moves.

Phase III: Sculpt

Phase three is dedicated to working on your entire body.  While focusing on the core muscles is the most important thing for beginners, you need to work your entire body in order to keep seeing results.  This program incorporates your central core movements in conjunction with your arms, back, butt, legs, and shoulders. This full body workout is designed to help you lose weight, sculpt your core, and prevent injuries all at the same time.


Although Figure 8 Fitness is completely digital it does come with several additional bonuses in order to help you monitor your progress and set clear goals.  This includes a workout schedule, a goal tracker, a nutritional blueprint, as well as an express workout program that only takes 10 minutes to get through.  


If you are serious about losing weight there is a good chance you will need to make changes to your diet if you want to see significant progress.  The program comes with a meal and diet plan that anyone can follow in order to help them shed extra weight safely and as quickly as possible. However, everyone’s body is different and you may need to seek outside nutritional support in order to find a plan that works for you.  The program only costs $47 and does not require any equipment or access to a gym which is a huge plus for anyone who travels frequently or does not have time to go to the gym. If you are someone who looks for ways to gamify working out this could be a great program for you.

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