FBA Frontiers Course Review (John Cavendish)

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FBA Frontiers

FBA Frontiers Course Review

Description:  FBA Frontiers is an online course designed to teach anyone who to sell products online using Amazon’s FBA program in Europe.  While the American market is extremely competitive in America, Europe is twice as big and not nearly as competitive.  Many America Amazon sellers are extremely hesitant to sell in Europe because it is an unknown.  However, this course shows you exactly how to find successful products and sell them in Europe through private labeling.  While selling in Europe is very different from selling in America, John shows you his step by step process for validating and selling products in Europe.  Below is a summary of the course modules.
Module 1: EU Product Research 
   If you have ever sold on Amazon before you know product research is the most important aspect of selling on Amazon.  Without a desirable product, it is impossible to make money.  The demand in the United States and the Demand in Europe are completely different, and John shows you exactly how to determine if your current products will sell or if you need to find new ones. 
Module 2: Getting Set Up in the EU 
Although you can use the same seller account in America as you can in Europe there are multiple licenses and permissions you need to obtain in order to legally sell in Europe.  John fully explains everything you need to do, and even shows you his step by step process for getting ungated in any category.
Module 3: Sourcing and Packaging 
In this module John explains exactly how to source products from China, and make sure you are working with trustworthy suppliers.  In addition, John explains how you need to have your suppliers package and ship your goods in order to ensure there are no logistical errors when shipping your products.
Module 4: Launching Your Product 
In this module, John explains exactly how to do everything in your power to ensure you have a successful product launch.  This includes optimizing your listing, getting initial reviews, advertising on Amazon and Facebook, and much more.
Module 5: Marketing Your Product 
This module takes a deeper dive into marketing in Europe, and how to make sure you are using every penny effectively.
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