FB Masters Training Program Course Review (Jaykay Dowdall)

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FB Master's Training Program

FB Master’s Training Program Course Review

Description:  FB Master’s Training Program is an online course designed to give anyone who takes it a Ph.D. in Facebook advertising., regardless of previous experience.  This course shows how you can use Facebook advertising to immediately increase conversions on a website, promote anything under the sun through affiliate marketing, grow brand awareness, or just to bring traffic to a blog or website.  The principal foundation of this course is to use retargeting in order to bring back customers how initially passed on your value proposition, by offering them a special bonus or deal.  This course shows how you can use pinpoint tracking for any possible demographic and reverse engineer certain strategies in order to find out exactly how your competition is running their ad campaigns.  This course is updated constantly and reflects all of Facebook’s updates within days.  
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  • Price: $497
  • Pricing model: One-time payment
  • Refund Policy: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
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