Fat Decimator System Course Review (Kyle Cooper)

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Fat Decimator System


Description: The Fat Decimator System is an intensive nutrition and exercise routine developed by retired Marine Kyle Cooper.  Kyle’s course showcases multiple multiple fat loss and conditioning techniques Kyle learned while working for the military in India, Afghanistan, and China.  This proven system gets rid of the notion that you need to constantly count calories in order to lose weight.  By optimizing every morsel of food you put in your mouth the Fat Decimator System will create a new you.  
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The Fat Decimator system claims to be able to eliminate 1 pound of body fat every 72 hours.  While this may seem hard to believe the combination of diet, exercise and fasting make this accomplishable for most people willing to stick with the program.
Kyle’s Course covers all ranges of health and fitness including workout regiment, dieting, customized meal and nutrition plan, sleep, and structured regiments to keep you on pace with your goals.

A fair warning, Kyle’s course is extremely intense and not for casual dieters.  If you are looking for a program with cheat meals and off days this is not the course for you.  This course is what Kyle and his fellow Marines used in order to get the absolute best performance possible.

Kyle’s course includes extremely high vegetable intake, protein shakes, and up to 24-hour fasting in order to correctly reset the metabolism and optimize the body for peak performance.

Science-Backed Program

Unlike many fad diets, Kyle’s program is based cutting-edge research tested and refined by the United States Military.  The backbone of Kyle’s course is to get people to begin metabolizing their fat for fuel so they can no longer be carb dependent.   By allowing the body to run at a high caloric deficit, students really can see up to 1 pound of fat loss every 72 hours at the beginning of the course.

The Fat Decimator System also is built upon habit building psychology.  If the course threw everything at you at once the diet, exercise and fasting would be impossible for almost anyone to immediately pick up.  This course is intended to build on itself so even people who are not in “great shape” can successfully complete the course while actually enjoying the program. Without the proper mindset, it is impossible to stick with any diet, habit, program, or training routine.

Fat Decimator System Phases

Because the program is so comprehensive Kyle introduces you to new concepts in 4 separate phases.  These phases are intended to gently introduce new concepts so you are able to develop lasting habits to improve your health and well being without getting discouraged.  There are four separate phases in the course which cumulatively last 3 weeks.

Phase I: Nutritional Cleanse and Foundation

In this phase, Kyle explains that it is necessary to remove most foods in order to properly cleanse the body.  All food will be restricted to lean meats and certain vegetables including broccoli, asparagus, carrots, cabbage, eggplant, tomatoes, and green peppers.  The point of this course is to detox your entire body so it is essential to push lots of fluids.  During this time period, animal protein consumption is limited to very small amounts.  So if you do not like vegetables, this program may not be right for you.

Phase II: 24-Hour Fast

Phase II is the shortest and typically the most unpleasant phase in the course.  The fast lasts 24 hours so your last meal will be on day 7 of the program, and you will only consume water on the eighth day.  While this may seem extremely daunting for most people the mostly vegetable diet you have been running on for the last week will make this much more tolerable than most people expect.

Phase III: Fat Intake and Ketosis

Phase 3 lasts three days and during this period your diet will yet again change drastically.  In this period you will consume over 80% of your calories from natural fats.  This seems counter-intuitive for most people trying to lose weight, however through a process commonly referred to as the ketogenic diet your are programming your body to begin running off of fats instead of carbohydrates.  While some people disagree on the ketogenic diet as a long-term solution, following the diet for 3 days will help to reduce the carb dependence of your body.

Phase IV: Finding The Middle Ground

This is by far the easiest phase to follow in the entire course.  This phase will begin to allow you to eat more “normal” foods. The phase still restricts the intake of fried and high carb food, but makes many more allowances than lean meat and several vegetables.  The entire point of the Fat Decimator system is to cleanse the body of toxic impurities.  Once you have cleansed your liver and kidneys it is much easier to stay on your new diet after limiting caloric intake and performing a fast.

Acceptable Foods & Grocery List

Throughout the entirety of the course, you will basically be required to eliminate all carbohydrate intake.  After the four phases are over you may eat carbs to some degree, however, recommended intake is substantially reduced for practically everyone who takes this course.  The primary components of the course are intended to have you replace carbs with meat, vegetables, fruit, and water.

Why Can’t I Eat Carbs?  

For those unfamiliar carbohydrates typically appear in two forms: Sugars and Starches.  The sugars are typically found in the forms of fructose, glucose, and lactose although there are several others.  The starches are traditionally found in foods like breads, grains, and vegetables such as potatoes.  While carbohydrates in and of themselves are not inherently bad almost all humans tend to overconsume these foods.

The Fat Decimator System forbids these foods throughout the phases so you can reset your body.  After completing the course you may have these foods in moderation.

Why Should I Start Increasing Fat Intake If I Am Trying To Lose Weight?

It seems extremely counterintuitive for most people to switch to a primarily fat diet when they are trying to lose weight during phase three.  Like many things, there is good fat and bad fat.  Bad fats come from highly processed foods like cake, ice cream, and chocolate.  Good fats are naturally occurring in foods like eggs, fish, and avocados.  Good Fats promote brain health, joint function, skincare,  and improve dozens of processes in the body.  To read more about the differences between good and bad fats give this article a read

What Can I Drink During The Program?

Unfortunately, alcohol and soda are completely forbidden during the program.  You are relegated to drinking as much water as possible for the majority of the time.  However, because animal protein is limited for a lot of the program you are allowed to drink protein shakes most days.  These shakes are incredibly filling and supply you with much-needed protein and good fat intake.

Do I Have To Work Out or Exercise

While virtually everyone on this program will see drastic results just through following Kyle Cooper’s diet, exercise is a major component of the course.  Exercise will help you achieve mental clarity, rev up your metabolism, and grow and strengthen the body.

The exercises in the program are not extremely difficult or even require a gym membership in order to complete.  They are intended to show you the building blocks of a healthy lifestyle, and allow you to build consistent habits.

The Fat Decimator System workout program runs in tandem with the diet for 21 days.  The exercises are typically no longer than 30 minutes and are designed to improve flexibility and function movement through bodyweight exercises such as push ups, planks, wall sits, and stretching.


The Fat Decimator System is definitely not for everybody.  If you are serious about losing weight following the drastic lifestyle changes in the program will unquestionably show you results in a fairly short amount of time.  While the course typically retails for $37 dollars you can get it for $17 for a limited time.  Click on the “View This Course” Button at the top of the page to read more about the course!

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