Fat Burning Fingerprint Course Review (Gary Watson)

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It is easy to be skeptical of new dieting fads or programs, especially when the promise almost overnight results.  Fat Burning Fingerprint is an online course that is intended to show men and women over 40 how they can burn off their “fat reserves” by tweaking their diet and eating a “special fruit” which supposedly helps the body burn fat at record speeds by reigniting dwindling metabolisms. This course lasts a total of three weeks and is designed to show a person how the can detox their body of impurities and how to determine your specific metabolism type in order to figure out how you can safely diet without any negative side effects.  If you are considering purchasing the Fat Burning Fingerprint feel free to read the review below about what is presented in the course, if it actually works, and if there are better alternatives on the market

Who Created Fat Buring Fingerprint?

Fat Burning Fingerprint was created by a nutritionist and personal trainer Gary Watson.  There are literally thousands of so-called “gurus” claiming to know the secret recipe for weight loss that no one else knows.  However, after a bit of research, Gary Watson Checks out.  He received his Kinseology Degree from the University of Illinois and has been featured in several major news outlets including  Fox, NBC, and CBS.  Gary has created several courses on various topics around aging and personal fitness.  This course is specifically aimed towards people in their forties and fifties who have found it extremely difficult to drop weight.

What Is Included In The Fat Burning Fingerprint?

Before explaining any special diets or foods you need to get Gary explains that you must first study your metabolism before you can create a diet that will actually work. Gary explains that every person’s metabolism is just like a fingerprint: completely unique to that person.  Gary course explains details three main subgroups of metabolism that nearly everyone falls into.  After figuring out your “metabolism subgroup”  Gary details how anyone can finetune Gary’s basic dieting outline to suit their specific needs.   The concept of different types of metabolisms is not a new idea.  This was previously discussed on Dr. Oz which you can read more about here.

In the Fat Burning FingerprintGary also describes three distinct types of metabolisms which he calls Fat Oxidant Dominant, Slow Oxidant Dominant, and Medium Oxidant Dominant.  Depending on which subgroup you fall into will determine how Gary teaches you to construct your diet.  If you are worried about figuring out you metabolism on your own do not worry.  Gary includes a 25 question survey which will conclusively show which group you fall into.


Fast Oxidant Dominant

Fast Oxidant Dominant typically describes people who eat a lot of food and regularly have cravings.  These type of people tend to predominantly eat protein as their primary macronutrient and carbohydrates and fats as secondary macronutrients.  The key to losing weight for this subgroup to eat many small meals throughout the day and make sure they are consuming as many “natural fats” as possible such as avocado and coconut oil.

Slow Oxidant Dominant

Slow Oxidant Dominate describes people who typically consume over half of their calories from carbohydrates.  These people typically eat lots of grains and consume less than 30% of their daily calories from protein and fats.  The key for these type of people to lose weight is to make sure they are eating natural carbohydrates.  It is important for people with this metabolism type to replace chips and breads with fruits and veggies.

Medium Oxidant Dominant

Medium Oxidant Dominate is a term to describe people in-between Slow Oxidant and Fast Oxidant people.  For many of these people, Gary will recommend reanalyzing their caloric intake and picking a side to remain consistent.  This group typically makes up people who do not have consistent eating habits and tend to just eat whatever is lying around the house.

Is This Course For Men or Women?

Fat Burning Fingerprint can technically be used by anyone but is really intended for people who are 40+ years old and having a lot of trouble losing weight.  However, based on the description of the course it seems like women tend to purchase this course more than men.


It is often difficult to choose a dieting plan or course with literally thousands of options available.  While Gary Watson is an accredited trainer he does not bring the name of brand recognition many other courses do which is probably why the course only costs $37 dollars to begin with.  However, unlike many online training programs, Gary’s course is intended to be customized by whoever purchases it.  Throughout the course, Gray constantly says that “metabolism is like a fingerprint.”  However, Gary’s course really only breaks the program up into three sections and you will need to do a bit of outside research in order to figure out your optimal portion quantities if you really want to get the most you can out of this course.  This course is definitely not a scam as it provides scientifically backed dieting advice and offers a 60-day money back guarantee.

*The Fat Burning Fingerprint is completely online, so you have access to it as soon as you purchase it.  If you do not have regular access to a computer this may not be a good purchase for you.


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