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Emlovz Academy

Emlovz Academy $197


Is your dating life struggling?  Do you have trouble going up to women, keeping up a conversation, or avoiding the friend zone?  If so Emlovz Academy may be for you.  After going on 100 dates in 100 days course creator Emyli Lovz decided to take an analytical approach to dating and put all her findings in this course.  Emyli created this course for guys who struggle getting motivated to date, and want to create a reliable action plan to hold themselves accountable. After taking this course you will have no trouble finding or talking to beautiful women and going on lots of dates without breaking the bank.



Fixed: $197

Or: $299 for 6 months 

Pricing model: One-time payment

Refund Policy: 60 Day Money Back Guarantee


Pros and cons



  • One-on-one action plan meeting with Emyli before you begin course
  • Everything you need to attract gorgeous, high-value women and create compelling dates that make her want to be your girlfriend are available in The EmLovz Academy.
  • The program includes a comprehensive online dating strategy to fill up your dating funnel fast, conversation modules so you know exactly what to say on your dates, and a plan to escalate sexual tension so you can effectively avoid the friend zone forever.
  • Everything is taken care of for you. This program is for men of all ages.
  • Whether you are a pro or just beginning to date, you will be able to follow the modules and modify the worksheets to your own level of experience.
  • Access The EmLovz Academy on your phone, tablet, or computer 24/7.



Does Not Include

  • None Reported


Emlovz Academy Overview


The first week of this dating program will start you with simple worksheets to review your relationship history. This first phase consists of building a proper foundation and getting your mindset ready for the 45 days to come. The progressive approach will ease you into the program so you don’t feel overwhelmed. With a mix of video modules and worksheets, you will start learning why you’ve been attracting women that don’t totally fulfill you and get motivated to find more compatible women moving forward. By the end of the week, you will be ready for the more advanced lessons to come.


During phases 2 and 3 you will be using online dating sites and dating apps to fill up your dating funnel. You will learn proven strategies to break the ice and use them to craft compelling messages that stand out from your competition. You will learn how to locate emotionally-stimulating information on a woman’s profile quickly and use it to send a message she actually wants to respond to. You will see a definite increase in message response rates and number of dates you get, along with conversation skills that will serve you in any environment, be it romantic, work, or social settings.


Phases 4 and 5 focus on mega-dating—dating multiple women at the same time—while maximizing quantity through a combination of online dating/app outreach and in-person approach. You will finally see your confidence soar by putting yourself in strategic locations where you can feel your best and meet the most compatible women. You’ll learn just how easy it can be to strike up conversation when you choose the proper locations.


Now that you have reached this phase, you have trained your mind to handle the most intense and advanced training portion in the program. The final phases will focus on selecting your perfect partner. You can finally select the most qualified woman from the many women that you worked so hard to attract during the program’s first five weeks. In this phase, you will begin to see an impressive increase in the quality of women who want to be your girlfriend. After these final two weeks, the program will be completed and you will have more gorgeous, high-value women interested in you than ever before.

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Special Bonuses

Bonus #1 The Mega Message Template

  1. You get the formula for online dating and dating app success with step-by-step directions. This messaging strategy is easy to implement and provides you all the essential skills to get gorgeous women to reply to your message and say yes to a date with you.

Bonus #2 Date Planning 101

  • In this Bonus module, Emyli gives tons of examples of how to pick a new exciting date without breaking the bank.
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Emyli has a private community for all members where she shares her private dating research.

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About the Creator

Emlovz is the creation of Health and Wellness coach Emyli Lovz.  While in college at UC Berkley Emyli decided to try an experiment where she went on 100 dates in 100 days. She took notes on every date and tried to figure out the key factors of what made a date great, and what kept a date from being great. Emyli began to build an analytical approach to dating that any man could use successfully.  After working as a dating coach for around 5 years Emyli decided to create a course with one-on-one coaching so any guy could learn how to pick out the “one” and build a worthwhile relationship.  


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