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Ecom Premier Academy

Ecom Premier Academy Course Review  $997


Ecom Experts Academy has over $2,000,000 in confirmed profit from their students last year.  Ecom Experts Academy has consistently been one of the top Shopify Dropshipping Courses available until they took it off of the market to ensure they could devote enough attention to students.  The course even got recognition from Tim Ferriss (4 Hour Work Week) as an incredible program.  One student actually generated $270,000 in revenue in the first two weeks his site was open.  However, the course is getting ready to open back up and will be accepting an undisclosed amount of new students for their updated program.  This course has a 7-Figure plan which allows you to scale $5 per day Facebook Ad Spend into hundreds of dollars per day in a few weeks.  This course teaches cutting-edge Facebook strategies which will allow you to tremendously scale up your business in less than one month.



Fixed: $997

Pricing model: One-time payment

Free Trial: None Available

Refund Policy: None 

Recommended Startup Money: $100

Pros and cons



  • Custom Shopify Themes for students
  • Two custom software applications for students
  • Product Fulfillment center available for students to use
  • Boot Camp for students to take action after finishing the course



Does Not Include

  • None Reported


Ecom Premier Academy Course Modules


Module 1: Understanding Shopify

In this module, Justin and Robert break down what Shopify is and the different ways it is currently being used to generate sales.  They then walk you through what the backend of Shopify looks like, and how to navigate the selling channel.

  • As a selling platform
  • The benefits
  • Understanding the Dashboard
  • Selling Channels

Module 2: Shopify Set Up and Essentials 

In this module, Justin and Robert get in-depth on the various settings you need to implement on your Shopify store.  This includes how to set up your account, and make sure your store will convert.  Both Justin and Robert will show you the exact settings you need in order to give your store the highest conversion rate possible. Robert and Justin also show you the custom themes they built which are available to all of their students for free.

  • Account
  • Payments
  • Shipping
  • Checkout
  • Theme settings

Module 3: Sourcing Products and Fulfilling Products 

In this module, Justin and Robert show you exactly how they go about researching products to sell when starting a new store.  They also show you how to pick suppliers that will be able to handle increasing orders when you begin to scale your store.  Picking a good supplier is one of the most important aspects of any Drop Shipping business model, and Justin and Robert show you how to avoid untrustworhy suppliers.

  • What to look for
  • Tools to use
  • Sourcing to scale
  • Drop shipping made easy
  • Shipping basics
  • Tips and warnings


Module 4: Product Offers

In this module, Justin and Robert walk you through how to differentiate yourself from the competition and differentiate yourself.  This module also teaches you the pricing psychology of bundles and upsells.  This will allow you to charge more than your competitors by offering additional products you do not have to advertise.

  • Upsell offers
  • Downsell Offers
  • Recurring offers
  • Email offers
  • Free offers
  • Bundle offers
  • Bonus offers
  • Referral offers


Module 5: How to Build Out and Establish a Brand  

How to establish a trustworthy quality brand is something 99% of Shopify stores are unable to do. Justin and Robert explain that your brand is made up of all your businesses activities.  Justin and Robert provide in-depth examples which will show you how to set up your site, social media, and customer service to gain the trust of your audience and potential customers.  After watching this module you will be able to turn your brand into a well-respected platform in any niche.

  • Trust
  • Consistency
  • Relatability
  • Passion
  • Customer Support
  • Social Proof

Module 6: How to optimize your web page for high conversions  

This module shows you how to optimize your social media and website for the highest conversions possible.  When constructing an ad there needs to be social proof that your product is reliable and trustworthy.  Nobody will click on an advertisement that has no likes.  Justin and Robert take you through the step by step process they use to validate their idea to get lots of purchases.

  • Landing Page Resonation
  • Product Presentation
  • Social Proof
  • Reviews
  • Like Count
  • Comments
  • Images

Module 7: High Converting Sales Process

In this module, Justin and Robert walk you through the psychology many large department and grocery stores use when selling products.  By grouping related items together in a strategic way, Justin and Robert will show you how to double or triple your sales with the same amount of traffic coming to your site.

  • Cross Sell Compliments
  • Upsells that are comfortable
    1. Don’t hinder
    2. Use the Supermarket Approach

Bonus Modules 

High ROI Facebook Ads Strategy

  1. Competition – How to measure and scale
    1. Bid Reach
    2. OCPM
  2. Interest – 3 types of interest for viral selling ads
    1. Targets
      1. Buying Targets
      2. Community Targets
      3. Authority Targets
    2. Budget – how to bid and adjust budget for low costing conversions
    3. Set Theory – FB relativity explained and how it affects your ads
      1. Frequency
      2. Reach

Optimization Clicks

  1. Unique
  2. Results
  3. Thousand

Creating Viral Ads

  1. Viral high ROI case studies – 1k ROI and up consistently


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Special Bonuses

In addition to the regular course Modules Ryan has included a list of “Bonus Sections”.  This sections includes many tips and tricks Ryan has learned over the years in order to ensure he is maximizing his potential profit.  In this section, Ryan goes in depth on how to get the past pricing history of products you want to sell, the important things you need to make sure you are doing when you first start out, and basic accounting principles.  After this Ryan also gives in-depth explanations on how to stay up to date with the course and deal with Amazon’s customer support.

Bonus Section

  • Two Done For You Shopify Themes- Robert and Justin have included two custom Shopify themes at no additional cost for the students of this course.  These themes are personally used on Robert and Justin’s own Shopify Stores and has allowed them to get conversions as low as $0.30.  Having a professionally built theme is a huge step up for anyone starting out, and it is one less expense you need to worry about.
  • E-commerce Bootcamp- After you finish the commerce you are immediately enrolled in a private boot camp with other members for two weeks.  This boot camp is intended to show you how you can put what you have just learned into action.  The goal of these two weeks is to begin generating profit for your store before the boot camp is over.
  • In addition to the course, Justin and Robert have also created a physical product fulfillment center for their customers!  Many people are scared to start their own Shopify store because they do not want to deal with shipping.  However, this is no longer a valid excuse because Justin and Robert have a system in place to do that for you.
  • Two custom apps exclusively for students of the course.  These custom built applications allow you to manage all your ads and retargeting through one simple platform. These apps completely cut through the confusing jargon on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in order to allow you to run your business without managing multiple ad platforms.
  • Multiple Case studies- Justin and Robert also include in-depth case studies at some of the stores they have run. This includes jewelry and print on demand models.  These case studies show how their proven formula will work with any niche



Facebook Mastermind – Lifetime Access
Having a community of people who are all trying to accomplish the same goal is essential to success.  Two of the creators of this course (Robert Nava and Justin Taylor) actually met in a similar facebook community.  These communities are a great place to get advice and network with other entrepreneurs trying to accomplish their dreams.  This allows you to get feedback on your store from Robert and Justin as well as other students..

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About the Creator


From his early teens to his mid-twenties Robert Nava was in and out various juvenile detention centers and prisons.  He was battling drug addiction and found it incredibly difficult to find work.  Robert began selling T-shirts through a Facebook page he created for fun.  After researching Shopify he decided to run $60 in ads to see if he could scale his store.  The $60 in ads turned in $1000 in sales.  After that Robert was off to the races and left his old life behind him.  Robert has created many successful stores since his original, National Park Depot, and began to show his friends what he was doing as well.  Alex decided to create a course to teach others the strategy he used to rebuild his life.

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