Ecom Hub Shopify All Inclusive Drop Shipping Course Review (Thaddeus Strickland)

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Ecom Hub Shopify All Inclusive Drop Shipping Course Review $397

Ecom Hub’s Shopify All Inclusive Drop Shipping Course is designed for anyone who is looking for the most up to date marketing trends possible.  In this course, Ecom Hub Founder Thaddeus Strickland takes you through the step by step process that allowed him to generate over $1,000,000 dollars in revenue in a single Shopify store while he was still a teenager.  Thaddeus credits his detailed knowledge of influencer marketing as the key that allowed him to succeed and scale his store so dramatically.  By going through this course you will not only be able to create a successful Shopify store but also have in-depth knowledge of how to leverage influencers to make any business more successful.



Packages Vary: $397

Pricing model: One-time payment

Free Trial: None Available

Refund Policy: None

Recommended Startup Money: $1,000

Pros and cons



  • How successfully sell in a well known competitive niche without wasting time trying to find “unknown niches”
  • How to reliably source well-known products
  • How to monitor product lifecycle trends in order to capitalize on the hottest items
  • How to edit and Customize your store in order to increase professionalism and conversion rates
  • Comprehensive automation training in order make your new asset as hands-off as possible
  • How to create multiple funnels through Instagram
  • How to structure captions and pictures to get an ROI of 900%
  • Multiple Case Studies of Successful students
  • Guest Lecturers on a variety of topics such as Facebook and Instagram Ads


Does Not Include

  • None Reported


Shopify All Inclusive Drop Shipping Course Modules 

Shopify All Inclusive Drop Shipping Course Unknown at this time



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Special Bonuses

  • Beginner course which gives a background on the entire e-commerce climate for those with little to know experience of selling online or internet marketing
  • Includes Bonus course on Negotiating with influencers
  • Shopify Design Module with examples of the Top 500 best-designed stores.


This course has a private Facebook community where members can share their success and failures to help the entire group.  Thaddeus actively responds to messages and answers student questions in the course.

About the Creator

Thaddeus Strickland dropped out of college to pursue his e-commerce dreams.  After making over one million dollars on a single store Thaddeus decided to begin branching out to software, general internet marketing, and coaching other e-commerce hopefuls who wanted to emulate his success.  Thaddeus has made multiple internet marketing courses with a specific emphasis on the importance of influencer marketing.  Thaddeus credits his knowledge of influencers for allowing him to scale his Shopify store to over $1,000,000.

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