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eCom Hacks Academy



eCom Hacks Academy 

eCom Hacks Academy is a Drop Shipping Course Developed by Jared Goetz.  Jared has built 4 multi-million dollar Drop Shipping stores including the second fastest growing Shopify store of all time: The Gadget Snob.  Jared’s course details the entire break down of every single step he took in order to in order generate over $2,000,000 of revenue in the first 60 days his store was live.    Jared’s site also includes customized software that shows you hundreds of products that have been a part of multiple six-figure campaigns so you can build stores around several products that are proven to succeed.  Although Jared takes you through the A-Z tasks of building a Shopify store his main focus is on how to quickly scale your store with Facebook Ads.  


Fixed: $2,000

Pricing model: One-time payment

Free Trial: None Available

Refund Policy: None

Recommended Startup Money: $1,000


Pros and cons


  • Jared uses a Proven model for success that is easy to replicate
  • List of products which have a record of successful campaigns 
  • Detailed instruction on how to set up Facebook and Instagram advertising campagins
  • Step by step process on how to set up your store without having to buy inventory 


  • Very expensive to scale Facebook Ads
  • Many trend products go out of style in less than a year



Ecom Hacks Academy is broken up into the following 6 modules.  

Module 1: Product Research

  • In this module, Jared shows you several ways how to research good products to begin selling.  This includes the custom software Jared built which shows the profit margins of many products with viral campaigns.  Jared also shows you several ways to spy on successful Facebook Ad campaigns in order to spy on what your competitors are selling.

Module 2: Picking out a Reliable Supplier

  • In this module, Jared shows how to begin contacting and picking out the right suppliers.  Jared teaches you how to negotiate with suppliers by leveraging them against each other.  More importantly, Jared shows you how to determine if a supplier is reliable and trustworthy.  Jared explains that without the correct supplier your business will fail miserably and never gain traction.

Module 3: Building your Shopify Store

  • In this module, Jared walks you through how to correctly set up your Shopify store and points out many beginner mistakes.  Jared also helps you pick out a converting theme, and set up your store so customers know it is trustworthy.  Jared also teaches you how to upsell on the site in order to maximize profit.

Module 4: Creating Facebook Ads

  • Successful Facebook Ad campaigns are what Jared credits to his sites’ explosive growth.  Jared explains how he used Facebook ads to scale his Shopify store, The Gadget Snob, to $2,000,000  in revenue in the first two months.  While Jared shows you multiple Facebook Ad strategies, he emphasizes the importance of retargeting customers for multiple sales.  Jared explains how using retargeting ads gets you the cheapest customer acquisition cost possible.

Module 5: Tracking Sales and Scaling

  • In this module, Jared explains all of the important metrics you need to keep track of.  Using the proven methodology Jared uses will allow you to tailor your ads and ad sets to customized audiences.  Jared explains how many people starting out are getting sales, but may not be making a profit.  Jared will walk you through how to alter your ad campaigns in order to maximize your profit and start scaling your store at the right time.

Module 6: The Value of Customer Service

  • In this module, Jared explains the importance of great customer service and how it is often overlooked by most Drop Shippers starting out, Jared explains how this can be detrimental to your store later on, and hurt your brand image.  Jared explains that great customer service will get you many repeat customers and greatly strengthen your brand.


As a member of eCom Hacks Academy, you also get access to the private members only Facebook group.  This Facebook group is personally monitored by Jared and his coaches. Jared regularly engages with students in the course and constantly provides updates for members so they stay up to date on the most recent information.


About the Creator

Jared Goetz is a serial entrepreneur who has already built 4 multi-million dollar companies by the ripe old age of 26.  Because his family did not have a lot of money Jared always worked from a young age.  At the age of 21 Jared built his first million-dollar Shopify store Electric Furry.  Jared promptly lost all his money by trying to become a DJ, and blew all his money on a promotional event.  Since then Jared has rebuilt his lost wealth many times over and now coaches others trying to replicate his success. Rating

There currently are not enough reviews for eCom Hacks Academy to be given a grade.  Once we receive at least 10 reviews we will be able to give it a rating.


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