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eCom Elites

eCom Elites $197


If you have been wanting to start a Drop Shipping business, but are hesitant to buy a $1,000+ course eCom Elites is definitely your best option in 2018.  Franklin Hatchett has created an incredible deal for something that is only 1/10th the price of Drop Ship Lifestyle and Drop Ship Academy.  Franklin’s course features over 80 videos, 30 of which are Facebook ad videos.  Many people first starting out do not realize the importance of targeting when starting out with a new drop shipping store.  Unlike Amazon, a brand new website will have very limited organic search, and over 90% of your profits in the first year will rely on expert targeting to deliver conversions.  Franklin’s course teaches you how to do this with textbook precision without wasting money.



Fixed: $197

Pricing model: One-time payment

Refund Policy: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Recommended Startup Money: $1,000

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Pros and cons


  • Cheapest comprehensive drop shipping course available 
  • Explains Drop Shipping and Print On Demand Models
  • Detailed Facebook Ad Strategy 
  • Shopify web design tutorials
  • Private Facebook Group with continuous updates from Franklin



  • None Reported


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Course Modules

The Shopify Ninja Course is broken up into the following  modules

Module #1: Sourcing Products 

  • Franklin spends close to 3 hours discussing niche selection and how to find a reliable supplier.  Franklin explains Drop Shipping through Alibaba, Print On Demand, and legally selling trademarked and patented products. 

Module #2: Setting Up Shopify 

  • Not going to spend a ton of time reviewing this module.  Pretty much every course shows you how to set up a Shopify store, including Franklin.  However, Franklin spends over two hours explaining how to create funnels and upsell when setting up your store.

Module #3&4: Facebook Ads

  • These two sections are the real meat and potatoes of the course.  There are several Facebook Ads courses on the market going for over $1000 that include less content than these two modules.  Franklin covers dozens of topics including setting up a business account, manual and automatic bidding, lookalike audiences, installing a pixel on your site, as well as creating content and ad copy for your ad.

Module #5: Instagram

  • Although Instagram is owned by Facebook, creating a  successful brand on this platform requires a different type of storytelling.  Throughout this module, Franklin explains how to deal with influencers, and how to determine which ones are worth your time and money.  It is also crucial to keep your Facebook data separate from your Instagram data.  Muddling these two sources will distort your targeting and decrease your conversion rate.

Module #6: Organic Google Traffic

  • In this module, Franklin describes a couple of sneaky ways to build SEO, namely through purchasing PBN links. However,  this is considered to be a “blackhat” method.  When first starting out your site should focus on “whitehat methods”.  To learn about the differences of  “white hat” and “blackhat” methods please click here.

Module #7: Email Marketing 

  • Throughout this module, Franklin details several email automation tools you can use to build a customer base and further your brand’s reach.  Franklin also details how to set up automated emails for cart abandonment to ensure your customers complete their purchase if something distracts them while they are on your site.

Module #8: Business & Sales

  • This module is pretty basic, but it explains how to get started using a Virtual Assistant, and how the first tasks you should outsource when scaling your store.

Module #9: Top Secret Videos

  • Full disclosure this stuff is not that secret.  But it is pretty handy once you have the basics of Drop Shipping down.  Franklin goes over how to grease your profit margins with warranties, using coupons for emails, how to spy on other Shopify stores for product ideas, and using review websites to build your brand through affiliate programs.

Module #10: Updates

  • Because Facebook and Instagram’s algorithms and targeting pages change pretty frequently, Franklin has dedicated this page to updates on how to navigate the changing advertisement landscape.  If nothing else it is reassuring to know that the course will be at least somewhat evergreen.
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  • Franklin’s private Facebook group currently has over 1000 members.  This group is a great way to network with other entrepreneurs and seek guidance from experienced Drop Shippers for those just starting out.  Franklin also frequently posts additional course updates in the Facebook group so all members can see it in real time.
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About the Creator

Franklin Hatchett never intended to create a Drop Shipping course.  About three years ago Franklin created a Facebook group about Drop Shipping where he and several other friends could share what worked for them and what did not.  After getting thousands of members Franklin had become an expert in drop shipping and had created several 6-figure stores.  Realize he had a method for success that could easily be repeated, Franklin created eCom Elite to show anyone they could Drop Ship without spending a fortune on a course.

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