Dropship Academy Course Review (Dan Dasilva)

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Dropshipping Academy

Dropship Academy $1297


Dropship Academy is one of the most cutting-edge Dropshipping courses on the market.  Less than one year old this course is designed to give you the most up to date marketing strategies in order to give you an edge over all of your competition.  This course also includes free, custom product research software called Profit Machine.  Profit Machine is only available to Dropship Academy members and gives direct links to over 100,000 products on Aliexpress.  Dropship Academy can take someone how has never sold online before into an internet marking and Shopify expert.



Fixed: $1297

Pricing model: One-time payment

Or 3 Payments of $597

Free Trial: None Available

Refund Policy: None

Recommended Start up Money: $1,000

Pros and cons



  • Free software called Profit Machine which allows you to filter products on Alibaba
  • Comprehensive in-depth analysis on how to create a Shopify store through both Aliexpress and Print on Demand
  • Social Media Marketing through Instagram and Facebook
  • How to use Influencers audiences to verify your products.
  • Includes 30 examples of high converting products that have had proven, successful campaigns



Does Not Include

  • None Reported


Dropship Academy Course Modules

The Dropship Academy Course is broken up into  is broken up into the following modules


Step 1: Finding the Perfect Niche and Suppliers

  • How to determine what a successful Niche is and how to make sure it is not a trend
  • Using data from Google and Facebook to confirm your Niche has a strong audience that is ready to buy tons of products.  
  • How to strategically spy on other stores so you can see their best selling products.
  • We show you little-known ‘Diamond in the Rough’ niche opportunities no other sellers are aware of, and how to take advantage of them.


Step 2: Supplier Research

  • How to use the Custom Profit Machine Software in order to find the best products and trustworthy reliable suppliers
  • How to successfully Navigate DH Gate, Aliexpress, and make sure you do not make the common beginner mistakes
  • How to make sure Suppliers follow your instructions and package the product correctly.
  • How to MINIMIZE Long Ship Times + Hacks to Get Your Products to Your Customers the FASTEST Possible Way!
  • How to turn suppliers against each other to make sure you get the best price


Step 3: Locating Products

    • How to use upsells in your store in order to triple the size of your average orders.   
    • Successful Upsell examples that made hundreds of thousands of dollars.  
    • How to effectively use the Profit Machine Software to find any product imaginable 


Step 4: Store Creation

  • How to pick the best possible platform for your store.
  • How to set up Shopify plus a 21-day free trial
  • How to install and properly use Google Analytics without getting overwhelmed
  • Native link Cloaking in Shopify
  • How to bulk edit products in Shopify and create custom pages tailored to specific customers
  • How to create an effective pre-purchase funnel
  • How to manage and charge customers outside of the United States to maximize sales potential
  • How to add a Facebook pixel to your store to ensure you are getting the most up to date information possible


Step 5: 6 Figure Sales Generation Strategy

  • An overview of the private 6 Figure Strategy
  • The Right way to create your account
  • How to induce tons of free traffic to your site
  • How to retarget interested customers with promotions
  • How to Rent Data in order to test your store with different audiences
  • multiple case studies of successful creatives and strategies
  • Free + Shipping case study in order to explode traffic


Step 6: Automating Your Store

  • What to automate
  • Freelancer Vs. Upwork
  • Product Fulfillment Applications
  • How to contact influencers  
  • Print on Demand Automation
  • Dealing with Refunds and how to make lifetime customers
  • How to have influencers find other pages for you to advertise on


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Special Bonuses

  1. Bonus Traffic Amplifier system which teaches you how to build a respectable brand through Facebook and Instagram while also using your ads to convert customers
  2. 1 Year of the Profit Funnel Accelerator for FREE.  Normal Cost $19 a month.
  3. Pricing psychology study in order to convert as many sales as possible
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Dropship Academy Millionaire Society is a relatively small private Facebook group with between 200-300 members.  This small group allows course creator Dan Dasilva to personally answer students questions and concerns about their Drop Shipping Business.  Dan has also hired several coaches to monitor the group so anyone can get 1 on1 help when they need it.  This group is a great place to ask questions you will not even consider until you have already opened your store and started making sales. 

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About the Creator


Dan Dasilva began his journey in internet marketing in January 2015.  After breaking even on several stores Dan finally found massive success in sites like ShopDirtyGamer and Neonarray.  After these sites took off Dan created an E-commerce training brand called eCom Dudes. eCom Dudes is a marketing training brand designed to help others accomplish their goals just like Dan.  Dan’s true passion is helping others find the success they deserve so they can start following their dreams


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Information Reviews Course Rating

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