Double Your Freelancing Course Review (Brennan Dunn)

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Double Your Freelancing Course Review $297


Ever wonder why some freelancers can charge thousands of dollars a week and others can only make $20-$30 an hour?  Most freelancers in the latter group will say that only freelancers who have worked with huge brands, or are in the top 1% of their craft can get away with charging such high fees.  However, Brennan Dunn explains this is not true.  The top earning freelancers all have business and negotiation experience, which is what allows them to charge so much more than their competitors.  Brennan created this course to show how he went from an independent freelancer charging by the hour, to running a multimillion dollar freelancing agency.  Throughout the course Brennan Dunn details how to qualify leads, how to understand the value of your work and present it to your clients, how to write up legally binding contracts without hiring a lawyer, and how to turn your freelancing into “products” businesses view as assets to your business.  This course is intended to demonstrate how any type of freelancer can immediately begin charging more for their work, and figure out what the value of their work is truly worth



Complete Version: $297

Basic Version: $147

Pricing model: One-time payment

Free Trial: None Available

Refund Policy: 100% Money Back Guarantee for Life 

Recommended Startup Money: None

Pros and cons



  • Continually updated to provide current information
  • Lifetime access to the course and all updates
  • 8,000+ satisified students
  • Access to private student community for 2 years
  • 21 Case Studies of successful students
  • Swipe Copy for every single part of the sales process
  • Ready to go templates and documents



Basic Version Does Not Include

  • 21 Case Studies 
  • Swipe Copy for every single part of the sales process
  • Ready to go Templates and Documents


Double Your Freelancing Course Modules


Module 1: Understanding Your Clients 

  • In this module, Brennan provides in-depth analysis on how to acquire the right types of leads, and how to make sure you are evaluating your leads correctly.  In order to figure out what you can charge you first have to fully understand the problem the company is currently facing and how you can solve this problem.  Brennan explains how to use the 6 forms of Socratic Questioning in order to figure out what the value of solving that problem is worth to the company.  This allows you to figure out how much you can charge for your services.

Module 2: Your Rate

  • In this module, Brennan explains how to price based on the value you are delivering.  Many freelancers are scared to raise their rates and are afraid they will lose business if they do.  Brennan explains how this is incorrect, and how freelancers need to present the value they are delivering in a much different way.  Freelancers need to explain to their clients the cost vs. return of their work.  For example, if you are charging $1 for your work explain how the problem you are solving will be worth $2 to the company.

Module 3: How to Close the Deal

  • In this module Brennan explains everything you need in order to secure a deal with your client and hold them to it.  Brennan provides multiple contract examples and how to structure various proposals in order to close the most deals.  Brennan also explains how freelancers should create multiple “packages”.  More often than not clients will want the most comprehensive package available and pay more for “extra bonuses”.  Brennan also gives insight and details how to deal with pushback from clients when you attempt to charge more.  After this module you will be able to have the confidence, thought process, and structure to begin charging more for your skillset.


Module 4: The Path Forward  

  • In “The Path Forward” Brennan explains the action steps needed in order to implement the new information you have just acquired.  Although the course teaches a lot of information it is impossible to benefit from any of it wothout taking action.  Brennan explains how to create “recurring revenue” so you can stop spending time trying to acquire customers, and instead work for fewer, higher paying clients.  Brennan then explains the importance of “Productizing” you skillset.  This allows you to showcase your work and different skillsets as an “asset” rather than a “consulting fee”


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Special Bonuses

In addition to the regular course Modules Brennan has included a list of “Bonus Sections”.  This sections includes extra bonus courses and documents intended to help you begin to implementing your new strategy for your freelancing business.

Bonus Sections

  • 21 Case Study Videos- Brennan includes a bonus module with the interviews from 21 of his most successful students to date.  In these videos, Brennan and his students cover many of the early struggles and pitfalls they faced after first taking the course.  This includes how the course changed their business and their life.  While all of these students experienced some form of success by no means are they all making millions of dollars.  Brennan chose a wide variety of students in order to give future students examples of the directions they could take their business.
  • Accountability course- After purchasing the course you will begin to receive emails with action steps every few days.  After going through “Double Your Freelancing”  many people will feel overwhelmed because they think they have to do everything immediately.  However, Brennan gives you small tasks to do every few days so nothing feels too daunting.  Adding this program has greatly increased the success rate and time of many students.
  • Brennan also includes a includes multiple legal documents and contract templates he used for his freelancing business.  These documents cost thousands of dollars to have a lawyer write from scratch for you, and Brennan includes the templates in his course at no additional cost.
  • New Updates- Brenna frequently updates “Double Your Freelancing”  with new student interviews and legal documents he has found useful in his own business.  By purchasing the course you have lifetime access to any updates.


Brennan Dunn has also created a private community for all his students.  This community contains current and former students who use the community as a platform to build their businesses.  This group shares everything from new marketing strategies to negotiation tactics with clients.

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About the Creator


Brennan Dunn worked as a freelancer for several years, and always focused more on his craft than his salesmanship.  After talking to sales professionals and multiple business and psychology courses Brennan learned how to charge considerably more than his competitors for his services.  Finally, Brennan decided to open his own freelancing agency in order to help other freelancers with little to no business background get better compensated for their work.  Brennan did this by learning how to qualify leads and quantify the value a particular project actually brought to a company.  Brennan’s team eventually grew to 11 employees and over $2,000,000 in annual revenue.  After helping thousands of clients charge more for their work Brennan decided to make a course to allow his experiences to be available to people all over the world.    

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