Dandapani’s Spiritual Tools For Life Course Review (Dandapani)

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Dandapani's Spiritual Tools For Life

Dandapani’s Spiritual Tools For Life Course Review


Dandapani’s Spiritual Tools for Life is an online course designed to take anyone through the basic principles of meditation.  While the course provides enough content to develop a mastery level understanding of meditation this course still requires everyone to put in the time.  The initial course takes you through 12 weeks of content and then allows you to create your own meditation plan.  This course is designed how to teach everyone to bring their conscious mind to the present moment.  Dandapani’s biggest focus on the course is to get students to stop worrying about the future and dwelling on the past.  In addition, while Dandipani’s courses are generally taken to enhance mindfulness many students report decreased blood pressure and increased energy.  Dandapani’s course has seen adoption from thousands of people including world-renowned business minds such as Tim Ferriss and Rob Nixon.   

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How Is This Different From other Meditation Courses?

Many meditation courses explain that meditating is easy and can be mastered with 5-10 minutes of practice a day.  This course intends to show everyone the building blocks of meditation, and how it permeates through every aspect of your life. Many meditation courses have you start meditating right away and that is all you ever do.  However, Dandapani explains that actually attempting to meditate is a rather advanced principle.  Dandapani explains that meditating is a lot like playing the piano.  Before you begin playing you must learn to read music.  In this course, Dandapani takes a similar approach to meditation, where he explains the building blocks necessary to properly understand and execute meditation.

The key is commitment.  The principles explained in this course are not meant to be complex or confusing, but rather deeply practical.  In order to actually get any benefit out of Dandapani’s teachings, it is instrumental to put forth effort on a daily basis and commit to the program or you will never receive any benefit.

How Long Does It Take To Notice Benefits?

When you begin meditating the benefits of meditation are anything but immediate.  When you first begin the practice you will most likely find it extremely difficult to concentrate and your mind will tend to wander.  This causes many people to get discouraged and drop the practice before being able to fully notice the benefits.  However, when you have been properly trained how to meditate correctly, you will notice immediate benefits.  This is why Dandapani’s course spends several weeks educating you on the building blocks of meditation and mental exercises rather than immediately have you start meditating. By building up understanding and training your chances of success are infinitely higher than someone who immediately starts meditating without the proper training and background information.  Before actually beginning to meditate Dandapani will teach you his three-step process for making sure you will be able to have a successful meditation practice.

#1 Understanding How The Mind Works

Dandapani explains that teaching practitioners the science behind meditation leads to a much higher compliance rate because people can actually understand the physical changes that are going on inside their body while they meditate.  Imagine working out if you did not understand how it made you healthier.   You probably would be much less likely to keep exercising than someone who had taken health and fitness classes to understand how the body grows, recovers, and prevents injuries.

#2 Learning Concentration 

Meditating is completely useless unless you are able to concentrate.  Meditation requires focusing on a specific mantra or deeply analyzing your own memories.  Without being able to properly concentrate for an extended period of time it will be impossible to create a long term meditation practice.


#3 Developing Will Power

As previously stated you will not immediately see benefits once you begin meditating. You will need to commit to the practice before you begin, in order to make sure you see it through.  This is a large part of the reason that this course has such a high compliance rate. Because of the financial cost people force themselves to power through the beginning because they are determined to reap the benefits of the practice and financial commitment.

Only after these three steps have been accomplished will you actually begin your meditation practice.  Dandapani explains that preparing to meditate is in many ways more important than meditation itself.  Without the proper mindset and mental preparation, it will be impossible to build a self-sustaining meditation practice.

How Long Is The Course?

Dandapani’s meditation course lasts 12 weeks and then provides a clear meditation practice to follow in the future.  Over 75% of the course covers the building blocks and mindfulness practices that lead up to actual meditation.  Once you have the building blocks there is actually very little instruction needed for when you are actually meditating.  This is why you will spend the first two months of the course developing your concentration and will power skills.

Course Modules

The Course is broken up into the following modules which have daily exercises and routines to be followed every day.

Week 1: Understanding The Mind

Week 2: Awareness and The Mind

Week 3: Awareness, Energy, and Observation

Week 4: The Art of Concentration

Week 5: Willpower – Life’s Greatest Force

Week 6: Establishing a Meditation Ritual

Week 7: Visualization and Meditation 

Week 8: Directing Energy

Week 9: Awareness and Breath

Week 10: Preparation for Meditation

Week 11: Centering Meditation 

Week 12: Saivite Meditation 

Who Is Dandapani?

Dandapani has been practicing the discipline of meditation since he was a teenager.  As a young man Dandapani spent 10 years as a celibate monk in a monastery in Hawaii.  There Dandapani learned that true meditation is all about preparation.  In this course, Dandapani takes every student through the same transformative journey that his guru showed him as a young man.  The lessons in this course are not difficult to perform, but the discipline and consistency needed in order to truly benefit from the teachings will be difficult for most people.


If you are serious about developing a meditation practice this course is a great purchase.  There are many free apps and websites that have many free guided meditations for you to chose from.  That is not what Dandapani’s course offers.  Dandapani explains the science and logic of the mind, and how meditation will physically change the mind.  In addition to meditation, this course will teach you how to truly form long-lasting habits and execute on those habits to truly enhance your life.  The course currently costs $199 so it is not recommended for someone who is merely interested in meditation, but rather someone looking for an experienced mentor to lead them through a challenging, rewarding practice.

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